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Camera Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Camera (const char *window_title)
void setCamera ()
void reset ()
void viewDistance (float viewDistance)
void orient (float angX, float angY)
void zoomIn (float scaleFactor)
void zoomOut (float scaleFactor)
void startPanning (int xPos, int yPos)
void panning (int newX, int newY)
void displayImage ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Camera::Camera ( const char *  window_title)


view_distanceinitial view distance from the origin
window_titletitle of the current window

Member Function Documentation

Calculates the current framerate, updates the window title and swaps framebuffers to display the new image

void Camera::orient ( float  angle_dX,
float  angle_dY 

Increment viewing orientation of the camera

angle_dXangle relative to the x-axis
angle_dYangle relative to the rotated y-axis
void Camera::panning ( int  newX,
int  newY 

User drags our object. Transform screen coordinates into world coordinates and update the objects position

Set the camera via gluLookAt and set the light position afterwards

void Camera::startPanning ( int  xPos,
int  yPos 

User starts dragging. Remember the old mouse coordinates.

void Camera::viewDistance ( float  viewDistance)

Set the view distance

void Camera::zoomIn ( float  scaleFactor)

Zoom in

scaleFactorfactor which is used for zooming
void Camera::zoomOut ( float  scaleFactor)

Zoom out

scaleFactorfactor which is used for zooming

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