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Float2D Class Reference

#include <help.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Float2D (int _cols, int _rows)
float * operator[] (int i)
float const * operator[] (int i) const
float * elemVector ()
int getRows () const
int getCols () const
Float1D getColProxy (int i)
Float1D getRowProxy (int j)

Detailed Description

class Float2D is a very basic helper class to deal with 2D float arrays: indices represent columns (1st index, "horizontal"/x-coordinate) and rows (2nd index, "vertical"/y-coordinate) of a 2D grid; values are sequentially ordered in memory using "column major" order. Besides constructor/deconstructor, the class provides overloading of the []-operator, such that elements can be accessed as a[i][j].

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Float2D::Float2D ( int  _cols,
int  _rows 
) [inline]


_colsnumber of columns (i.e., elements in horizontal direction)
_rowsrumber of rows (i.e., elements in vertical directions)

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