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SWE_RadialDamBreakScenario Class Reference

#include <SWE_simple_scenarios.hh>

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Public Member Functions

float getBathymetry (float x, float y)
float getWaterHeight (float x, float y)
virtual float endSimulation ()
virtual BoundaryType getBoundaryType (BoundaryEdge edge)
float getBoundaryPos (BoundaryEdge i_edge)

Detailed Description

Scenario "Radial Dam Break": elevated water in the center of the domain

Member Function Documentation

float SWE_RadialDamBreakScenario::getBoundaryPos ( BoundaryEdge  i_edge) [inline, virtual]

Get the boundary positions

i_edgewhich edge
value in the corresponding dimension

Reimplemented from SWE_Scenario.

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