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SWE_Scenario Class Reference

#include <SWE_Scenario.hh>

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SWE_AsagiScenario SWE_BathymetryDamBreakScenario SWE_RadialDamBreakScenario SWE_SeaAtRestScenario SWE_SplashingConeScenario SWE_SplashingPoolScenario

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Public Member Functions

virtual float getWaterHeight (float x, float y)
virtual float getVeloc_u (float x, float y)
virtual float getVeloc_v (float x, float y)
virtual float getBathymetry (float x, float y)
virtual float waterHeightAtRest ()
virtual float endSimulation ()
virtual BoundaryType getBoundaryType (BoundaryEdge edge)
virtual float getBoundaryPos (BoundaryEdge edge)

Detailed Description

SWE_Scenario defines an interface to initialise the unknowns of a shallow water simulation - i.e. to initialise water height, velocities, and bathymatry according to certain scenarios. SWE_Scenario can act as stand-alone scenario class, providing a very basic scenario (all functions are constant); however, the idea is to provide derived classes that implement the SWE_Scenario interface for more interesting scenarios.

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