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SWE_VisInfo Class Reference

#include <SWE_VisInfo.hh>

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SWE_AsagiJapanSmallVisInfo SWE_BathymetryDamBreakVisInfo

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SWE_VisInfo ()
virtual float waterVerticalScaling ()
virtual float bathyVerticalOffset ()
virtual float bathyVerticalScaling ()

Detailed Description

SWE_VisInfo defines an interface that can be used for online visualization of a shallow water simulation. In particular, it provides information required for proper scaling of the involved variables.

For water height: displayedWaterHeight = waterVerticalScaling() * simulatedWaterHeight

For bathymetry: displayedBatyhmetry = bathyVerticalScaling() * realBathymetry + bathyVerticalOffset()

The default water height should be 0. In this case a bathymetry value smaller than 0 means water and a value greater than 0 is land. Therefore bathyVerticalOffset should 0 for all real scenarios.

If you do not not provide an SWE_VisInfo for scenario, (water|bathy)VerticalScaling will be guessed form the value initial values. bathyVerticalOffset is always 0 in this case.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual SWE_VisInfo::~SWE_VisInfo ( ) [inline, virtual]

Empty virtual destructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual float SWE_VisInfo::bathyVerticalOffset ( ) [inline, virtual]
The vertical offset for the bathymetry. Should be 0 for "real" scenarios (scenarios with dry areas)

Reimplemented in SWE_BathymetryDamBreakVisInfo.

virtual float SWE_VisInfo::bathyVerticalScaling ( ) [inline, virtual]
The vertical scaling factor for the bathymetry

Reimplemented in SWE_AsagiJapanSmallVisInfo.

virtual float SWE_VisInfo::waterVerticalScaling ( ) [inline, virtual]
The vertical scaling factor of the water

Reimplemented in SWE_AsagiJapanSmallVisInfo.

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