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io::NetCdfWriter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 NetCdfWriter (const std::string &i_fileName, const Float2D &i_b, const BoundarySize &i_boundarySize, int i_nX, int i_nY, float i_dX, float i_dY, float i_originX=0., float i_originY=0., unsigned int i_flush=0)
virtual ~NetCdfWriter ()
void writeTimeStep (const Float2D &i_h, const Float2D &i_hu, const Float2D &i_hv, float i_time)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

io::NetCdfWriter::NetCdfWriter ( const std::string &  i_baseName,
const Float2D i_b,
const BoundarySize i_boundarySize,
int  i_nX,
int  i_nY,
float  i_dX,
float  i_dY,
float  i_originX = 0.,
float  i_originY = 0.,
unsigned int  i_flush = 0 

Create a netCdf-file Any existing file will be replaced.

i_baseNamebase name of the netCDF-file to which the data will be written to.
i_nXnumber of cells in the horizontal direction.
i_nYnumber of cells in the vertical direction.
i_dXcell size in x-direction.
i_dYcell size in y-direction.
i_flushIf > 0, flush data to disk every i_flush write operation

Destructor of a netCDF-writer.

Member Function Documentation

void io::NetCdfWriter::writeTimeStep ( const Float2D i_h,
const Float2D i_hu,
const Float2D i_hv,
float  i_time 
) [virtual]

Writes the unknwons to a netCDF-file (-> constructor) with respect to the boundary sizes.

boundarySize[0] == left boundarySize[1] == right boundarySize[2] == bottom boundarySize[3] == top

i_hwater heights at a given time step.
i_humomentums in x-direction at a given time step.
i_hvmomentums in y-direction at a given time step.
i_boundarySizesize of the boundaries.
i_timesimulation time of the time step.

Implements io::Writer.

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