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solver::AugRie< T > Class Template Reference

#include <AugRie.hpp>

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solver::WavePropagation< T >

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Public Member Functions

 AugRie (T i_dryTolerance=(T) 0.01, T i_gravity=(T) 9.81, T i_newtonTolerance=(T) 0.000001, int i_maxNumberOfNewtonIterations=10, T i_zeroTolerance=(T) 0.00001)
void computeNetUpdates (const T &i_hLeft, const T &i_hRight, const T &i_huLeft, const T &i_huRight, const T &i_bLeft, const T &i_bRight, T &o_hUpdateLeft, T &o_hUpdateRight, T &o_huUpdateLeft, T &o_huUpdateRight, T &o_maxWaveSpeed)

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class solver::AugRie< T >

Approximate Augmented Riemann Solver for the Shallow Water Equations.

T should be double or float.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
solver::AugRie< T >::AugRie ( i_dryTolerance = (T) 0.01,
i_gravity = (T) 9.81,
i_newtonTolerance = (T) 0.000001,
int  i_maxNumberOfNewtonIterations = 10,
i_zeroTolerance = (T) 0.00001 
) [inline]

Constructor of the Augmented Riemann solver with optional parameters.

i_dryTolerancenumerical definition of "dry".
i_gravitygravity constant.
i_newtonTolerancenumerical definition of "convergence" (used in the AugRie solver only).
i_maxNumberOfNewtonIterationsmaximum steps for the Newton-Raphson method (used in the AugRie solver only).
i_zeroTolerancenumerical definition of zero.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void solver::AugRie< T >::computeNetUpdates ( const T &  i_hLeft,
const T &  i_hRight,
const T &  i_huLeft,
const T &  i_huRight,
const T &  i_bLeft,
const T &  i_bRight,
T &  o_hUpdateLeft,
T &  o_hUpdateRight,
T &  o_huUpdateLeft,
T &  o_huUpdateRight,
T &  o_maxWaveSpeed 
) [inline, virtual]

Compute net updates for the left/right cell of the edge.

maxWaveSpeed will be set to the maximum (linearized) wave speed => CFL

Implements solver::WavePropagation< T >.

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