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a C++ Data Structure Generator for HPC Software


If you use any part of the software or any resource of this webpage, you implicitly accept the copyright (see Copyright page on the left-hand side).

DaStGen is a data structure generator. It has been designed and written by Wolfgang Eckhardt and Tobias Weinzierl in 2007. DaStGen reads a record specification and creates the corresponding C++ types used by Peano. Features supported by DaStGen currently are

  • Packs different data types, i.e. if two bools are assigned to one record, these two records are stored within one integer. DaStGen is able to back the types enum, integer (if a data range is specified) and bool.
  • Creates corresponding setter and getter operations.
  • Automatic generation of a derived MPI-Datatype
  • The generated code offers inlining, and aligns the records for AVX/SSE.
  • DaStGen supports complex data types.

Code generated by DaStGen has no copyright, i.e. you are free to choose a license model of your own.

Execute DaStGen
  • Download the latest DaStGen binary.
  • Please ensure that you have downloaded all required additional libs, too. A list of them can be found on the download page.
  • Rename the DaStGen jar file into DaStGen.jar
  • Create a datatype specification
  • Enter
    java -jar DaStGen.jar option specification-file
    on the command line to make DaStGen translate your specification.

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