Peano 3
"Peano Sources"

Peano Source Code Documentation

This directory holds the auto-generated documentation of the main Peano sources, i.e. the kernel/heart of a Peano application. Peano's original home is

Recreate the Peano tarball/prepare a Peano release

To create a tarball of the code, call

echo -n "#define PEANO_VERSION " > peano/version.h
svn info | grep 'Revision' | awk '{ print $2; }' >> peano/version.h
tar -cvf peano.tar --exclude=.svn --exclude=*.o --exclude=*.gz --exclude=*.tar .
gzip peano.tar
mv peano.tar.gz ../tarballs

within our sources directory, push the result to sourceforge and upload the tarballs to the webpage.

Recreate the webpage

To recreate the webpage, call

doxygen peano.doxygen-configuration

within src.

Recommended compiler options

If you write new Peano code, we recommend to compile your code with

-DDebug -DAsserts -pedantic -pedantic-errors -Wall -Werror -Wconversions

With Windows (MinGW) and the GNU compilers, we recommend at least to use


With Linux and the Intel compilers, we recommend at least to use

-fast -fno-rtti -no-ipo -ip -opt-streaming-stores always -xSSE4.2

With Windows and the Microsoft or Intel compilers, we recommend to use

/O3 /QxSSE4.2 /Qip /EHs /MD /Zi /DDim2 /DSharedTBB /DnoDebug /DnoAsserts /nologo

and the icl compiler and the xilink linker. The simplest way to get Peano compile in Windows with the Intel compiler is probably to invoke make in Linux, open the compiler-minutes.txt file, and to replace the entries there with icl/xilink calls. You have to defined /D__WIN32__ as the Intel/Microsoft compiler seems not to defined this symbol. Finally, there seem to be issues with Windows macros called min and max. To resolve them, ensure that you are using /DNOMINMAX. Backslashes have to be removed too. Please note that -o in Linux becomes /Fo in Windows.

If you translate Peano with Intel's TBB and the GNU compilers, we recommend to use

-Wno-long-long and -Wno-conversions

or to skip the corresponding warning flags.

If you translate Peano with MPI, we recommend to add


to your settings.