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Praktikum Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

Computational Fluid Dynamics

SS 2006

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Accounts for the Lab:
All participants who don't already have an account at our computers can get their login and password from today 9:00 o'clock in room number 02.05.058 (Tobias Neckel).

  • Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00 pm, room 02.07.023
  • Dates/Termine:
    • April 26
    • May 3
    • May 17
    • May 24
    • June 13: deadline worksheet 2
    • June 14
    • July 4: deadline worksheet 3
    • July 5
    • July 25: deadline worksheet 4
Lecturers/Leitung: Organisation: Audience/Hörerkreis:
  • Studierende der Informatik im Hauptstudium
  • Studierende der Techno-, Diplom- und Finanz-Mathematik
  • Students of the CSE Master's program
  • Wahlpflichtpraktikum für Studenten der Informatik im Hauptstudium im Bereich Theoretische Informatik.
  • Voluntary lab course (application area) for CSE students.
velocity field of a micropump part
Simulation result: 3D velocity field of a micropump part. velocity field of the laminar flow around a cylinder
Simulation result: 2D velocity field of the laminar flow around a cylinder.

Further Information/Weitere Informationen:

The lectures accompanying this lab course will be conducted in English. The assignments will also be given in English. Completed assignments will be presented by the students in English or German.

mehl@in.tum.de, M. Mehl, 13.06.2006