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BGCE Seminar - Scientific Writing (WS 2006/2007)

Contact person:
Dr. Michael Bader
Ioan Muntean

Soft Skills Seminar for the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering

Time and Place:

  • 1st session: Thursday, Nov 30, 15:00, room MI 02.07.023 (Garching, FMI building)
  • 2nd session: Thursday, Dec 7, 15:00, room MI 02.07.023 (Garching, FMI building)
  • 3rd session: Thursday, Jan 11, (Erlangen)
  • 4th session: Thursday, Jan 25, 15:00, room MI 02.07.023 (Garching, FMI building)

Topics & Schedule

The seminar will address topics in scientific writing and publishing. It will mix short student presentations with group work and discussions, and will also include writing and reviewing assignments in addition to the seminar sessions.

Session Topics Presenter(s) Material
Thu, Nov 30
Scientific Writing - The IMRAD approach Ursula Mayer  
How To Prepare the Title Michael Fischer  
How To Prepare the Abstract Sankha Banerjee  
Exercises Michael Bader, Ioan Muntean  
Thu, Dec 7
How To Write the Introduction Yue Zhao  
How To Write the Materials&Methods Section Jegan Mohan  
How To How To Cite the References Yuanhang Zheng  
Exercises Michael Bader, Ioan Muntean  
Thu, Jan 11
How Does Scientific Publishing Work? Prof. U. Rüde slides,
pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
How To Write the Results
How To Design Effective Tables
Zhao Haoxin, Hao Zhang  
How To Prepare Effective Graphs Dominik Bartuschat, Eugenio  
Exercises Michael Bader, Ioan Muntean  
Homework Michael Bader, Ioan Muntean Assignment description,
Java Program: Cube.class (sources: Cube.java)
Thu, Jan 25
How To Write the Discussion Sankha Banerjee  
Use and Misuse of English Audrey Nemeth Elements of style (article at Wikipedia - see its section "External links" for websites that contain the complete text)
Exercises Michael Bader, Ioan Muntean argument templates (corrected)


Deadlines for writing or reviewing assignments will be published here . . .

  1. Thu, Dec 7, 2006: abstract (200 words) for honours/Bachelor/industry project
  2. Thu, Dec 14, 2006: review of abstracts
  3. Sun, Jan 14, 2007 (last one): introduction (honours project)
  4. Thu, Jan 25, 2007 (last one): Cheese Cube tables and graphs


The student presentations will be based on the following textbook:

Michael Bader