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Seminar - Solving Large Systems of Linear Equations (WS 2005/2006)

Contact person:
Dr. Michael Bader

Seminar in "Computational Science and Engineering (Master's Program)"

Time and Place:
preliminary session on Wednesday, July, 20th, 15:00, in room 02.07.023.

Seminar Outline:

The seminar will be roughly organized like a scientific conference. That means, it will start with a call for papers - each student has to hand in a paper on his topic. After that will be a peer review - papers will be reviewed by the other students. Respective corrections and suggestions will be included into the final versions of the paper. The seminar will finish with several sessions, where the talks about the papers will be given.

See the seminar handout for more information and deadlines.



The seminar's topic will be the efficient solution of large, sparse systems of linear equations. See the preliminary schedule below for a list of topics.


Session Topic student advisor
Tue, 17 Jan, 3:15-4:45
Conjugate Gradient Methods
Quadratic Forms and Steepest Descent Veselin Dikov Dr. Bader
Conjugate Gradients Darya Popiv
Wed, 18 Jan, 2:00-4:15
Multigrid Methods
Relaxation Methods and Smooting Jia Li Dr. Bader
Elements of Multigrid Csaba Vigh
SPAI smoothers for multigrid methods Tang Dihao Prof. Huckle
Thu, 19 Jan, 3:15-5:30
Multilevel Methods and Domain Decomposition
Multilevel Preconditioning: Hierarchical Bases and Generating Systems Jaswinder Pal Singh Dr. Bader
Domain decomposition and multigrid Siew Hoon Leong
Conjugate Gradients for Non-Symmetric Matrices Ali Eren Culhaoglu Prof. Huckle

Michael Bader