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ITU.BT-601 Y'CbCr

This is the international standard for digital coding of TV pictures at 525 and 625 line rates. It is independent of the scanning standard and the system primaries, therefore there are no chromaticity coordinates, no CIE XYZ matrices, and no assumptions about white point or CRT gamma. It deals only with the digital representation of R'G'B' signals in Y'CbCr form. The non-linear coding matrices are:

    Y'= 0.299*R' + 0.587*G' + 0.114*B'
    Cb=-0.169*R' - 0.331*G' + 0.500*B'
    Cr= 0.500*R' - 0.419*G' - 0.081*B'

    R'= Y' + 0.000*Cb + 1.403*Cr
    G'= Y' - 0.344*Cb - 0.714*Cr
    B'= Y' + 1.773*Cb + 0.000*Cr