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Introduction to Scientific Computing

Semester Hours:




From 2001 up to 2005, this course was given in every winter term:

WS 01/02 - WS 02/03 - WS 03/04 - WS 04/05

Starting in winter 2005/2006, the course will be split into "Scientific Computing I" (winter term, 3 credits) and "Scientific Computing II" (summer term, 4 credits).

WS 05/06 - WS 06/07 - WS 07/08 -

The lectures and tutorials are conducted in English.


Vordiplom/Bachelor, or rather the respective lectures in mathematics.


This course provides an overview of scientific computing, i. e. of the different tasks to be tackled on the way towards powerful numerical simulations. The entire "pipeline" of simulation is discussed:

The course is conceived as an introduction to the thriving field of numerical simulation for computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or natural scientists without an already strong background in numerical methods.

Scientific Computing II

Scientific Computing II focuses on the efficient solution of (sparse) systems of (mainly linear) equations, as they frequently arise from the discretization of (partial) differential equations. Topics may include: