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Introduction to Scientific Computing

(winter 2003/2004)

Dr. Michael Bader

Max Emans


Time and Place:

Wednesday 11:30-13:00, lecture room 02.07.023, first lesson Oct 22

Final Exam:

Tuesday, Feb 17 2004, 12:00-14:00, lecture room 02.07.023.


This course provides an overview of scientific computing, i. e. of the different tasks to be tackled on the way towards powerful numerical simulations. Starting from mathematical models (derivation, analysis, and classification; various examples), their numerical treatment is discussed (discretization of differential systems, grid generation). The next chapter deals with the efficient implementation of numerical algorithms, both on monoprocessors and parallel computers (architectural features, parallel programming, load distribution, parallel numerical algorithms). Finally, some remarks on the interpretation of numerical results (visualization) are made. The course is conceived as an introduction to the thriving field of numerical simulation for computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or natural scientists without an already strong background in numerical methods.

Lecture Notes:

Introduction/Mathematical Modelling
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Solvers for Systems of Linear Equations

For further material (online script and last year's exercises), please refer to CSE's Virtual Teaching Centre.


Monday 11-13, lecture room 02.07.023, first tutorial Oct 27



topic worksheet completed worksheet
Introduction to Maple tutorial.mws -
Handling of differential equations by Maple introduction.mws introduction_sol.mws
Modelling population growth growtheq.mws growtheq_sol.mws
Numerical Treatment of Ordinary Differetial Equations numerical_ode.mws numerical_ode_sol.mws
PDE: Poisson's equation in 1D poisson1D.mws -
PDE: Heat equation in 1D heat1D.mws -
- explicit schemes heat1D_disc.mws -
- implicit schemes heat1D_impl.mws -
- leap-frog scheme heat1D_leap.mws -
PDE: Poisson's equation in 2D poisson2D.mws -
Gauss-Seidel and Jacobi relaxation relaxation.mws -
Multigrid multigrid.mws -


Michael Bader