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Introduction to Scientific Computing

(winter 2005/2006)

Dr. Michael Bader


Time and Place:

Tuesday 12:30-14:00, lecture room MI 02.07.023, first lesson Oct 25

Final Exam:

The results of the exam are published at the CSE black board (2nd floor, between wings 5 and 7). Please contact the lecturer about exam review (Klausureinsicht) or repeat exams (for those who did not pass; repeat exams will be oral exams).

Possible Exam Questions

Generated by the students during the lectures:

The questions are a good collection for preparing for the exam. However, exam questions are not restricted to this collection, of course.


This course provides an overview of scientific computing, i. e. of the different tasks to be tackled on the way towards powerful numerical simulations. The entire "pipeline" of simulation is discussed:

The course is conceived as an introduction to the thriving field of numerical simulation for computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or natural scientists without an already strong background in numerical methods.

Lecture Notes:


Michael Bader