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Visualisation - WS 2002/03

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Prof. R. Westermann

Time and Place:

Monday:10-12MI HS 3
Tuesday:10-12MI 00.08.038

First lecture: Nov, 4th, 2002


Thursdays, 14-16, 02.07.023 (first tutorial, Nov 7th)




This introductory course is at the very core of the Vertiefungsgebiet "Computer Graphics and Visualization". The focus is on discussing efficient techniques that allow one to visually represent large-scale data sets from simulation and measurement. Physiological aspects of human recognition will be addressed as well as the visualization pipeline and special rendering techniques for scientific data. In particular we will focus on the theoretical foundations of techniques to visualize multi-dimensional scalar and vector data and on their efficient implementation. The first half of this course captures the basic issues of Scientific Visualization. Students of Computational Science and Engineering have to attend this part (2+1). In the remainder of this course we will discuss additional issues and we will deepen the insight to selected techniques.


emans@in.tum.de, Emans, 23.09.2002