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        <page value="20071219150146" timestamp="2007-12-19T15:01:46Z" ns="0" title="Main Page" />
        <page value="20080516113209" timestamp="2008-05-16T11:32:09Z" ns="0" title="Introduction to Scientific Computing (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516145219" timestamp="2008-05-16T14:52:19Z" ns="0" title="Introduction to Programming (winter 2001/2002) - Programming with Maple" />
        <page value="20080516145316" timestamp="2008-05-16T14:53:16Z" ns="0" title="Introduction to Programming - Block Tutorial C/Cpp (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516145528" timestamp="2008-05-16T14:55:28Z" ns="0" title="Introduction to Programming (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516151058" timestamp="2008-05-16T15:10:58Z" ns="0" title="Industrielle Anwendungen von Computer-Algebra - winter(2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516154412" timestamp="2008-05-16T15:44:12Z" ns="0" title="Einführung in die Programmierung - Java Kompaktkurs (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516155727" timestamp="2008-05-16T15:57:27Z" ns="0" title="Einführung in die Programmierung I (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080516160124" timestamp="2008-05-16T16:01:24Z" ns="0" title="Dünnbesetzte Matrizen (winter 2001/2002)" />
        <page value="20080611131831" timestamp="2008-06-11T13:18:31Z" ns="0" title="Professors" />
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