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Kurt Hirsch

Kurt Hirsch (* January 12th 1906 in Berlin, † November 4th 1986 in London)

Hirsch Kurt.jpgKurt Hirsch


Appointed to Leicester in 1938 he was interned as "an enemy alien" in 1940. In May 1940 Winston Churchill led a newly formed coalition government which decided that all enemy alien's were to be interned. Hirsch was sent to the Central internment camp in Douglas on the Isle of Man, where he lived in House 7. He worked there as a cook (and retained an interest in recipes all his life) but conditions were reasonable and he was able to take country walks supervised by an armed guard. The internees organised concerts. lecture courses and a camp university in which Hirsch was happy to participate. He was soon released, however, mainly due to strong pressure from the Vice-Chancellor of Leicester and returned to his position in the university in October 1940. His position was only a temporary one and it remained so for four years until it was made permanent in 1944.



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