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Technical Reports

Volume 2017

Volume 2015

Volume 2014

  • A. Thabet, N. Smith, J. Schneider and R. Wittmann: A Visual Framework for Digital Reconstruction of Topographic Maps [] [BibTeX], September 2014.

Volume 2013

Volume 2012

  • D. Jarema, P. Neumann and T. Weinzierl: A Multiscale Approach for Particle Transport Simulation in Low Reynolds Number Flows [BibTeX] of Tweflth Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods 2012 - Student Paper Competition, January 2012.

Volume 2011

Volume 2010

  • E. Elts and H.-J. Bungartz: Grid-Workflow-Management-Systeme für die Ausführung wissenschaftlicher Prozessabläufe [] [BibTeX].
    No. TUM-I1004, p. 1–27, February 2010.

Volume 2004

  • A. Krahnke and C. Zenger: Effiziente, robuste und genaue Löser für die aus den mechanistischen Modellen zur Simulation zeitabhängiger, zweiphasiger Wasser-Dampf-Strömungen resultierenden linearen Gleichungssysteme - Gesammelte Ergebnisse und Erkentnisse [BibTeX], 2004.

Volume 2003

  • M. Pögl, A. Krahnke and S. Rittmann: Konzeption und Realisierung der Organisation einer universitären Lehrveranstaltung mit einem Datenbanksystem [BibTeX] of TU-Bericht, 2003.

Volume 2002

  • T. Huckle and J. Staudacher: Multigrid Preconditioning and Toeplitz Matrices [] [BibTeX] of TUM-I0202, 2002.

Volume 2001

  • V. Ganzha, R. Liska, M. Shashkov and C. Zenger: Mimetic Finite Difference Methods for Elliptic Equations on Unstructured Triangular Grids [BibTeX].
    Volume TUM-INFO-12-I0108 of TU-Bericht, December 2001.

Volume 1999

  • M. Bader, M. Schimper and C. Zenger: Hierarchical Bases for the Indefinite Helmholtz Equation [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/03/99 of SFB-Bericht, 1999.
  • V. Ganzha and E.V. Vorozhtsov: The Effect of Artificial Dissipators on the Stability of Runge-Kutta Schemes on Curvilinear Grids for the Euler Equations [BibTeX] of Computer and Fluids, 1999.

Volume 1998

  • T. Huckle: Approximate Sparsity Patterns for the Invers of a Matrix and Preconditioning [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/12/98 of SFB-Bericht, 1998.
  • S. Bischof, R. Ebner and T. Erlebach: Load Balancing for Problems with Good Bisectors and Applications in Finite Element Simulations: Worst-case Analysis and Practical Results [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/05/98 of SFB-Bericht, 1998.
  • T. Huckle: Matrix Multilevel Methods and Preconditioning [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/11/98 of SFB-Bericht, 1998.

Volume 1997

  • H.-J. Bungartz, A. Frank, F. Meier, T. Neunhoeffer and S. Schulte: Fluid Structure Interaction: 3D Numerical Simulation and Visualization of o Micropump [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/06/97 of SFB-Bericht, 1997.
  • H.-J. Bungartz, R. Ebner and S. Schulte: Hierarchische Basen zur effizienten Kopplung substrukturierter Probleme der Strukturmechanik [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/05/97 of SFB-Bericht, 1997.
  • M. Griebel, W. Merz and T. Neunhoeffer: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Freezing Processes of a Supercooled Melt under Consideration of Density Changes [BibTeX].
    Volume 256/513 of SFB-Bericht, 1997.
  • H.-J. Bungartz and T. Dornseifer: Sparse Grids: Recent Developments for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/02/97 of SFB-Bericht, 1997.

Volume 1996

  • T. Grauschopf, M. Griebel and H. Regler: Additive Multilevel-Preconditioners based on Bilinear Interpolation, Matrix Dependent Geometric Coarsening and Algebraic-Multigrid Coarsening for Second Order Elliptic PDEs [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/02/96 of SFB-Bericht, 1996.
  • M. Griebel, T. Neunhoeffer and H. Regler: Algebraic Muligrid Methods for the Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations in Complicated Geometries [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/01/96 of SFB-Bericht, 1996.
  • T. Huckle: Efficient Computation of Sparse Approximate Inverses [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/04/96 of SFB-Bericht, 1996.
  • A. Frank: Hierarchisch strukturierte numerische Algorithmen auf Workstation-Netzen [] [BibTeX].
    In Graduiertenkolleg, Volume 03-1996-I9611-80/1-F of TUM-Info, p. 63–67, 1996.

Volume 1995

  • H.-J. Bungartz and S. Schulte: Coupled Problems in Microsystem Technology [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/07/95 of SFB-Bericht, 1995.
  • H.-J. Bungartz: Higher Order Finite Elements on Sparse Grids [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/01/95 of SFB-Bericht, 1995.
  • M. Jung and U. Rüde: Implicit Extrapolation Methods for Variable Coefficient Problems [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/24/95 of SFB-Bericht, 1995.
  • A. Pfaffinger: Parallel Communication on Workstation Networks with Complex Topologies [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/08/95 of SFB-Bericht, 1995.
  • M. Griebel and W. Huber: Parallel turbulence simualtion on the IBM SP2 using a sparse grid method [BibTeX].
    In Contribution Sup'Prize 1995, Sup'Eur User Group Organization, 1995.
  • S. Hilgenfeldt, S. Balder and C. Zenger: Sparse Grids: Applications to Multi-dimensional Schrödinger Problems [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/05/95 of SFB-Bericht, 1995.

Volume 1994

  • M. Griebel and T. Neunhoeffer: A Domain-Oriented Multilevel Algorithm - Implementation and Parallelization [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/18/94 of SFB-Bericht, 1994.
  • C. Pflaum: A Multi-Level Algorithm for the Finite-Element-Solution of General Second Order Elliptic Differential Equations on Adaptive Sparse Grids [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/12/94 of SFB-Bericht, 1994.
  • R. Hüttl and M. Schneider: Parallel Adaptive Numerical Simulation [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/01/94 of SFB-Bericht, 1994.
  • T. Grauschopf and M. Griebel: Parallelization of a multigrid algorithm on the KSR1 [] [BibTeX].
    In M. Brehm and C.. Schaller (ed.), Overview of Research on the Parallel Computer SNI-KSR at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum München, Volume LRZ-Report(9401), p. 63–69, 1994.
  • M. Aschauer and H. Regler: Parallelization of the Placement Tool GORDIAN with a Divide-and-Conquer Method [BibTeX].
    In M. Brehm and C.. Schaller (ed.), Overview of research on the parallel computer SNI-KSR at the Leibnitz-Rechenzentrum München, Volume 9401 of LRZ-Report, p. 13–20, 1994.
  • M. Griebel and P. Oswald: Tensor Product Type Subspace Splittings And Multilevel Iterative Methods for Ansiotropic Problems [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/15/94 of SFB-Bericht, 1994.
  • M. Griebel and W. Huber: Turbulence Simulation on Sparse Grids Using the Combination Method [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/19/94 of SFB-Bericht, 1994.

Volume 1993

  • H.-J. Bungartz, M. Griebel, D. Röschke and C. Zenger: A Proof of Convergence for the Combination Technique for the Laplace Equation Using Tools of Symbolic Computation [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/4/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • C. Pflaum: Convergence of the Combination Technique for the Finite Element Solution of Poisson's Equations [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/14/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • U. Rüde: Extrapolation Techniques for Constructing Higher Order Finite Element Methods [] [BibTeX].
    Volume I9304 of TUM, 1993.
  • C. Pflaum and U. Rüde: Gauß' Aaptive Relaxation for the Multilevel Solution of Partial Differential Equations on Sparse Grids [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/13/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • H. Regler and U. Rüde: Layout Optimisation with Algebraic Multigrid Methods [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/11/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • U. Rüde: Multilevel, Extrapolation and Sparse Grid Methods [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/10/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • H.-J. Bungartz, M. Griebel, D. Röschke and C. Zenger: Pointwise Convergence of the Combination Technique for Laplace's Equation [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/16/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • M. Griebel and P. Oswald: Remarks on the Abstract Theory of Additive and Multiplicative Schwarz Algorithms [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/6/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • M. Griebel and V. Thurner: The Efficient Solution of Fluid Dynamics Problems by the Combination Technique [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/1/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.
  • U. Gärtel, M. Griebel, W. Huber, H. Schwichtenberg, T. Störtkuhl, U. Trottenberg, G. Winter and C. Zenger: The parallel ASMG algorithm for 3D Poisson-like equations on multi-workstations [BibTeX].
    In Arbeitspapiere der GMD 767, 1993.
  • P. Slavkovsky: The Visibility Problem for Single-Valued Surface (z=f(x,y)): The Analysis and Parallelisation of Algorithms [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/9/93 of SFB-Bericht, 1993.

Volume 1992

  • T. Störtkuhl, C. Zenger and S. Zimmer: An asymtotic solution for the singularity at the angular point of the lid driven cavity [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/24/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • S. Meyer: Einführung in InterViews [BibTeX].
    Volume 0392 of Bericht TUM-INFO, 1992.
  • H.-J. Bungartz, M. Griebel and U. Rüde: Extrapolation, Combination and Sparse Grid Techniques for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/10/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • M. Griebel: Grid- and pint-oriented multilevel algorithms [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/14/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • M. Griebel, C. Zenger and S. Zimmer: Improved multilevel algorithms for full and sparse grid problems [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/15/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • T. Bonk and U. Rüde: Performance Analysis and Optimization of Numerically Intensive Programs [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/26/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • T. Bonk and U. Rüde: Performance Analysis and Optimization of Numerically Intensive Programs [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/26/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • M. Griebel, W. Huber, U. Rüde and T. Störtkuhl: The Combination Technique for Parallel Sparse-Grid-Preconditioning and -Solution of PDE's on Multiprocessor Machines and Workstation Networks [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/11/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.
  • R. Balder and C. Zenger: The d-dimensional Helmholtz equation on sparse grids [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/21/92 of SFB-Bericht, 1992.

Volume 1991

  • M. Arbesmeier and U. Rüde: A Toolbox for Multigrid Methods [] [BibTeX].
    Volume I9136 of Bericht TUM, 1991.
  • H.-J. Bungartz: An Adaptive Poission Solver Using Hierarchical Bases and Sparse Grids [] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/21/91 of SFB-Bericht, 1991.
  • U. Rüde: Extrapolation and Related Technique for Solving Elliptic Equations [BibTeX].
    Volume I9135 of Bericht TUM, 1991.
  • C. Zenger and K. Hallatschek: Fouriertransformation auf dünnen Gittern mit hierarschischen Basen [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/9/91 of SFB-Bericht, 1991.
  • M. Griebel: Multilevel algorithms considered as iterative methods on indefinite systems [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/29/91 of SFB-Bericht, 1991.
  • V. Ganzha, E. Vorozhtsov and C. Zenger: Stabilitätsuntersuchung von Differenzenverfahren mit Hilfe der Resultantenalgebra unter Verwendung des REDUCE-Systems [BibTeX].
    Volume I9120 of Bericht TUM, 1991.
  • M. Griebel: The combination technique for the sparse grid solution of PDE's on multiprocessor machines [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/14/91 of SFB-Bericht, 1991.

Volume 1990

  • C. Zenger: Sparse Grids [pdf] [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/18/90 A of SFB-Bericht, October 1990.
  • M. Griebel, M. Schneider and C. Zenger: A Combination Technique for the Solution of Sparse Grid Problems [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/19/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.
  • M. Griebel: A Parallelizable and Vectorizable Multi-Level-Algorithm on Sparse Grids [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/20/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.
  • M. Griebel: Parallel Multigrid Methods on Sparse Grids [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/30/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.
  • P. Slavkovsky and U. Rüde: Schnellere Berechnung klassischer Matrixmultiplikationen [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/17/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.
  • C. Zenger: Sparse Grids [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/18/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.
  • M. Griebel: Zur Lösung von Finite-Differenzen- und Finite-Element-Gleichungen mittels der Hierarschischen Transformations-Mehrgitter-Methode [BibTeX].
    Volume 342/4/90 of SFB-Bericht, 1990.

Volume 1988

  • V. Ganzha and R. Liska: Application of the REDUCE Computer Algebra System to Stability Analysis of Difference Schemes [BibTeX].
    Volume I8813 of Bericht TUM, 1988.
  • V. Ganzha and R. Fößmeier: Konstruktion und Untersuchung von Differenzenoperatoren mit dem REDUCE-System [BibTeX].
    Volume I8808 of Bericht TUM, 1988.

Volume 1987

  • M. Griebel: On the combination of the ideas of multilevel solvers using hierarchical bases and the substructuring technique for the finite element method [BibTeX].
    Volume I8709 of Bericht TUM, 1987.
  • V. Ganzha, M. Schaschkow and W. Schapeew: Untersuchung der lokalen Approximation der Operatoren in symbolischer Form [BibTeX].
    No. Nr. 79 of Preprint, 1987. russisch.

Volume 1985

  • V. Ganzha, E. Vorozhtsov and N. Gorskii: Ein analytisch-numerisches Verfahren für die Stabilitätsuntersuchung der Differenzenschemata und seine praktischen Anwendung [BibTeX].
    Volume Nr. 23 of Preprint, 1985. russisch.

Volume 1984

  • V. Ganzha and E. Vorozhtsov: Über die automatische rechnergestuetzte Herleitung der Differentialnäherungen der Schemata des Zwischenschrittverfahrens [BibTeX].
    Volume Nr. 23 of Preprint, 1984. russisch.

Volume 1981

  • V. Ganzha, A. Waliullin, F. Mursin, W. Schapeew and N. Janenko: Anwendung der rechnergestützten Symbolmanipulationen auf die Konstruktion und Analyse der Differenzenschemata [BibTeX].
    Volume Nr. 7 of Preprint, 1981.