Advanced Programming - Winter 11

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Winter 11
Martin Roderus, M.Sc.
Time and Place
Lecture: Wednesdays at 10:15 - 11:45 in room 00.13.009A
Computational Science and Engineering, first semester (module IN1503)
Kaveh Rahnema, M.Sc.
Semesterwochenstunden / ECTS Credits
4 SWS (2V+2Ü) / 5 Credits


The first lecture will be on October 26, 2011

There will be no lecture on November 2, December 21 and January 4

The first tutorial will be on November 8/9, 2011


The lecture introduces the student to basic object oriented programming. "Thinking in classes" when designing an application has a strong focus. Advanced concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance or polymorphism are also covered.

The programming language is Java. Topics specific to the language, such as basic syntax, collections or unit testing, are also addressed.

Lecture Slides


The tutorial offers weekly programming exercises in Java, inspired by common problems from scientific computing.

Nr. Exercise Time
1 Ticket Machine November 14, 2011
2 Complex Numbers Session 1: November 22, 2011
Session 2: November 29, 2011
3 Object Oriented Modelling of Functions Session 1: December 6, 2011
Session 2: December 13, 2011

Time and place

Room: 01.04.011

Group 1: Tuesdays 13:15 - 14:45

Group 2: Wednesdays 13:00 - 14:30


Basic programming skills are recommended.

Recommended Reading