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This website provides direct digital access to selected material of the book [TODO Bits and Bugs].

The first column refers to the corresponding section of the book. Recent bugs or material that is not (yet) contained in the book is marked by red color.

Section Description of material Source
0.1 Background How it all started: NA digest post of Pete Stewart
1.4 Classification Heisenberg effect in matlab myrealmin.m, myrealmin_withOutput.m
Original website of Walter Gander on Heisenberg example
2.1 Ariane 5 YouTube video of the explosion of Ariane 501
images of sec. 38-44 after liftoff
2.2 Y2K Article of Paul Krill (ref. [7])
2.3 Vancouver variants of VSE index results matlab_vancouver_sampleRuns.m
2.4 Patriot Video of congressional hearing
Website with html versions of many statements in the congressional hearing
YouTube video summarizing the Patriot system, the Dhahran events, and some of T. Postol’s arguments
3.1 Sleipner Exc. 7: exponential function and its derivative exponential_derivatives.m
corresponding plot of matlab file exponential_derivatives.pdf
Exc. 9: Lagrange polynomials lagrange_polynomials.m
corresponding plot of matlab file lagrange_polynomials_interpol.pdf