CSE Seminar: Fluid-Structure Interaction - Summer 13

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Summer 13
Dr. rer. nat. Miriam Mehl, Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Neckel, Dipl.-Math. Benjamin Uekermann
Time and Place
block seminar, schedule t.b.a.; preliminary session: Jan 31th, 6pm, 02.07.023
Computational Science and Engineering,
Informatics (Master), Mathematics (Master)
Semesterwochenstunden / ECTS Credits
2 SWS (2S) / 4 Credits
CSE Seminar Fluid-Structure Interaction.


The slides for the preliminary session are online now (see below). Please note that the schedule therein is only a rough sketch of the final schedule. All dates are subject to change. We will discuss about the dates during the introductory lecture. The date for the introductory lecture will be fixed soon and announced here. Topics 7,8 and 9 are still open. If you want to participate, write an email to Dipl.-Math. Benjamin Uekermann.

Important Dates

Date Time Room What Comments
31.01.2013 18:00 02.07.023 Preliminary Session All organisational things will be discussed here. slides
20.02.2013 12:00 - Registration Deadline email to Dipl.-Math. Benjamin Uekermann, see below

Seminar Organization

Every student participating in the seminar has to choose one of the offered topics, prepare a paper, and a give a presentation about it. In addition, every student has to write two short reviews of papers from other students. The paper has to be submitted first, followed by the reviews of two other papers and, finally, the presentation of the topic to the other seminar participants.

Seminar Topics

The seminar covers topics related to the simulation of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems. It does not claim or even try to cover the full range of available topics in that field, but orients on current research topics and available expertise of the people giving the seminar. (E = Engineering, M = Mathematics, CS = Computer Science)

Topic Discipl.
1 Fluidmechanics basics (modeling) E
2 FEM for fluid equations and moving geometries M
3 Structural mechanics basics and discretization with FEM E+M
4 Monolithic Coupling M+E
5 Partitioned Coupling M+E
6 Added-mass effect (stability analysis) M
7 Data mapping for non-matching grids CS
8 Peano as fluid simulation tool CS+E
9 Comsol as structure simulation tool CS+E
10 preCICE as coupling environment for partitioned FSI CS

Registering for the Seminar

To register for the seminar, write an email to Dipl.-Math. Benjamin Uekermann including your CV, a short motivation letter (half page), your TUM grades (if you already have grades) and your three favourite topics (ordered). Registration deadline is Feb 20th, 12 noon.