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I'm no longer working at "Informatics V, Scientific Computing in Computer Science". My up-to-date contact information is available at



Email: schreiberx@gmail.com

Research projects


  • Applications (among others): Weather, Climate, Tsunami, Oceanic currents
  • Algorithms: development of new algorithms for scientific computing
  • Parallelization: new algorithms on HPC architectures, new parallelization concepts/models
  • Architectures: CPU, GPU, XeonPhi
  • Mesh: Focus on dynamically adaptive grids based on space-filling curves
  • Compute resources: Dynamic resource scheduling
  • Realtime: Interactive simulations
  • Visualization: Efficient on- and offline processing



Jahrgang 2017

Jahrgang 2016

Jahrgang 2014


Jahrgang 2014

Jahrgang 2013

Jahrgang 2012

Jahrgang 2011


Jahrgang 2013

  • M. Schreiber: Parallelization of dynamically changing grids with a cluster-based approach and invasion [pdf] [BibTeX], University of Exeter, Exeter, November 2013.
  • M. Schreiber: Parallelization of dynamically changing grids with a cluster-based approach and invasion [pdf] [BibTeX], Imperial College London, November 2013.
  • M. Schreiber: SFC-based Communication Metadata Encoding for Adaptive Mesh [pdf] [BibTeX].
    ParCo 2013, Garching, Technische Universität München, September 2013.
  • M. Schreiber: Cluster Optimization and Parallelization of Simulations with Dynamically Adaptive Grids [pdf] [BibTeX].
    Euro-Par 2013, Aachen, August 2013.

Jahrgang 2012

  • M. Schreiber: Shared Memory Parallelization of Fully-Adaptive Simulations Using a Dynamic Tree-Split and -Join Approach [BibTeX].
    IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), Puna, India, Dezember 2012.
  • M. Schreiber: Invasive Computing on High Performance Shared Memory Systems [BibTeX].
    Facing the Multicore-Challenge III, Stuttgart, September 2012.
  • M. Schreiber: Parallel Fully Adaptive Tsunami Simulations [BibTeX].
    Facing the Multicore-Challenge III, Stuttgart, September 2012.
  • M. Schreiber: Space-Filling Curves Continued: Sierpinski [BibTeX].
    Leogang 2012, Leogang, Februar 2012.
  • M. Schreiber, K. Unterweger und A. Atanasov: Let's play - building a game physics engine [BibTeX].
    WEP 2012, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, Januar 2012. coauthors: Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Tobias Weinzierl.

Jahrgang 2011

  • M. Schreiber: Free-Surface Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation on Many-Core Architectures [BibTeX].
    ICCS 2011, Singapore, Juni 2011.

PhD Thesis

Jahrgang 2014

Diploma Thesis

Jahrgang 2010


Tutorials, Courses and Seminars

WS 2013/14
Seminar: High Performance Computing, advisor
WS 2013/14
Lecture: Algorithms of Scientific Computing 2, teaching assistant
Seminar: Lattice Boltzmann methods, advisor
SS 2013
Lab: Computational Fluid Dynamics, lecturer
Summeracademy: Simulation Technology: From Models to Software, teaching assistant
WS 2012/13
Lecture: Advanced programming, teaching assistant
SS 2012
Lab: Game physics, lecturer
WEP at KAUST: Let's play - building a game physics engine, lecturer
WS 2011/12
Lecture: Numerical programming, teaching assistant
SS 2011
Lab: Game physics, lecturer
WS 2010
Lab: Scientific computing, teaching assistant

Student projects

WS 2014
S. Bartels: Interactive Simulations with Navier-Stokes Equations on many-core Architectures, IDP
SS 2014
F. Klein: Comparison of Shallow Water Simulations with Triangular Grids on the Sphere, Master's Thesis
SS 2014
D. Gutermuth: Application of Space-Filling Curves on unstructured Grids for Simulations on a Sphere, Bachelor's Thesis
WS 2013
A. Bakhtiari: MPI Parallelization of GPU-based Lattice Boltzmann Simulations, Master's Thesis
SS 2013
P. Müller, Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Shallow Water Equations, IDP
SS 2013
T. Hörmann: Parallel Algorithms for Sparse Grids in X10, Bachelor's thesis
WS 2012/13
M. Müller, Application of Shallow Water Equations on Spherical-Distorted Triangular Grids, IDP
WS 2012/13
F. Ehmann, Development of a Shared-Memory Task Scheduling Library for Dynamically Changing Workloads, Master's thesis
SS 2012
F. Klein, Optimization of Numerical Simulations for Regular Subpatches on Adaptive Meshes, Bachelor's thesis

Curriculum vitae

Period Education
Nov. 2010 - 2014 Doctoral candidate, Technische Universität München, Munich
Nov. 2013 University of Exeter, England
Mar. 2008 - Jun. 2010 Student, Technische Univerisität München, Munich
Aug. 2007 - Feb. 2008 Student, Exchange programm: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
2004 - Aug. 2007 Student, Technische Univeristät München, Munich
2002 - 2004 BOS Ingolstadt (technical focus), Ingolstadt
2001 - 2002 FOS Ingolstadt (technical focus), Ingolstadt
1998 - 2001 Apprenticeship: office management assistant at KAMPA, Kinding
1995 - 1998 Realschule, Hilpoltstein
1992 - 1995 Gymnasium der Regensburger Domspatzen, Regensburg
1988 - 1992 Elementary school, Greding