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“The most scientifically important and economically promising research frontiers in the 21st century will be conquered by those most skilled with advanced computing technologies and computational science applications.” This central statement from the 2005 President’s IT Advisory Committee report from the US also outlines the chair’s focus fields in research and teaching: the algorithmics of high-performance computing and applications of numerical simulation. The spectrum extends from efficient numerical algorithms (discretization of partial differential equations, fast linear solvers, high-dimensional numerics, sparse grids, image processing, adaptivity, and hardware-awareness) via parallel and distributed computing (parallel algorithms, parallelization, load balancing, and Grid computing) as well as the embedding of simulation tasks up to simulation scenarios from various fields (fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, chemical engineering, traffic, finance, or quantum chemistry). Our research projects, due to the tasks’ complexity, are typically tackled in multi-disciplinary cooperation and, thus, cover almost the entire simulation pipeline.