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<!--[http://www5.in.tum.de/wiki/uploads/a/a1/Michael_Lieb.jpg http://www5.in.tum.de/wiki/uploads/a/a1/Michael_Lieb.jpg]-->
#REDIRECT [[Dr. rer. nat. Michael Lieb]]
; '''Address:'''
: TU München
: Institut für Informatik
: Boltzmannstr. 3
: 85748 Garching b. München
; '''Office:'''
: MI 02.05.036
; '''Email:'''
; '''Phone:'''
:(089) 289 18 616
; '''Fax:'''
:(089) 289 18 607
; '''Office hours:
:by arrangement
== Publications ==
* [http://www5.in.tum.de/wiki/index.php/Lieb_Michael Michael Lieb]: [http://www5.in.tum.de/pub/lieb08.pdf'''A Full Multigrid Implementation on Staggered Adaptive Cartesian Grids for the Pressure Poisson Equation in Computational Fluid Dynamics'''], ''Master's Thesis'', Technische Universität München, 2008
* Yonghua Cheng; Joeri, V.M.; Lataire, P.; [http://www5.in.tum.de/wiki/index.php/Michael_Lieb Lieb, M]; Verhaeven, E.; Knorr, R.: Configuration and verification of the super capacitor based energy storage as peak power unit in hybrid electric vehicles, ''Power Electronics and Applications'', 12th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Issue September 2007
* Culcu, H.; Cheng, Y.; Thalau, O.; Gräf, M.; Gualous,H.; Lieb, M.; van Mierlo, J.: Report on test bench results on UltraCap modules (D12, D13), Reference: European HYHEELS project
== Talks ==
== Students ==

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