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BGCE students act in ENB video

On the occasion of the annual meeting with Nobel Price winners organised by the ENB, a video was produced where several current and former students of ENB programmes appear. Many of them are BGCE students who say goodbye in their mother's tongue.

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PRACE ISC Award 2013

Together with their co-authors, Wolfgang Eckhardt, Alexander Heinecke and Hans-Joachim Bungartz received the PRACE ISC Award 2013 for their paper "591 TFLOPS Multi-Trillion Particles Simulation on SuperMUC" at the "International Supercomputing Conference 2013", Leipzig. More information can be found at [2].

HPC Wire - The Benefits of Invasive Computing

Invasive Computing has received considerable attention in the HPC community. A contribution by Michael Bader, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, and Martin Schreiber has found mentioning in a news article of HPC Wire under

ICMLA 2012 - Best Special Session Paper Award

A "Best Special Session Paper Award" was given to Daniel Butnaru, Benjamin Peherstorfer, Dirk Pflüger, and Hans-Joachim Bungartz for the paper "Fast Insight into High-Dimensional Parametrized Simulation Data" at the ICMLA 2012, Boca Raton, USA.


At the department's 2012 Graduation Ceremony (Dec 7 2012), two TeachInf-Awards of the Fachschaft went to our chair: Hans-Joachim Bungartz for "Numerisches Programmieren" in the winter term 2011/2012 and Thomas Huckle for "Numerisches Programmieren" in the summer term 2012.

Ernst-Otto-Fischer Preis der TUM

Philipp Neumann and Christoph Kowitz - together with their colleagues Felix Schranner and Dmitrii Azarnykh - are awarded the Ernst-Otto-Fischer prize of the TUM for their teaching concept Teamwork Across Disciplines - Interdisciplinarity Meets Supervised Teaching.

Prize at ASIM Workshop for BGCE Project

The BGCE students Mihail Georgiev, Diana Gudu, Michael Hinterstocker, Tijana Kovačević and Amirhesam Shahvarani received the second poster award at the ASIM Workshop 2012 in Vienna, honouring their BGCE-project poster "GPU-accelerated MRI Simulation and Visualization on a CAVE-like environment".

Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2012

Michael Bader will co-organise the 2012 Gene Golub SIAM Summer School in Monterey, California (Jul 29-Aug 10, 2012). The topic will be Simulation and Supercomputing in the Geoscience - see the website for more details!

Ernst-Otto-Fischer Preis der TUM

In August 2011, Tobias Neckel and Dr. Florian Rupp were awarded the Ernst-Otto-Fischer prize of the TUM for the convincing interdisciplinary lecture "Interdisciplinary Guided Research at the Edge of Dynamical Systems & Scientific Computing". This lecture will take place in ST 2012.

SCCS goes G8

Together with the Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching, the chair is participating in the G8 project Nu-FuSe.

Best Student Poster Award

Daniel Butnaru together with Claudia Simion and Ebrahim Eyad were awarded the Best Student Poster Award for their poster entitled "Simulation Meets Visualization: Mountain Hike Simulator" at the 2011 ASIM Workshop.

We are official member of the Sundance (Trilinos) developer team.

Janos Benk has become one of the official developer of the Sundance PDE-toolbox, which is part of the Trilinos library, developed mainly at Sandia National Laboratory, USA. [3]

Best Paper Award

Alexander Heinecke and Dirk Pflüger were awarded the Best Paper Award for their publication entitled "Multi- and Many-Core Data Mining with Adaptive Sparse Grids" at the 2011 ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers.

Heinz Schwärtzel-Dissertationspreis für Grundlagen der Informatik

In December 2010, Dirk Pflüger was awarded the Heinz Schwärtzel prize, a joint prize of the three universities in Munich, for the best Ph.D. thesis on foundations of computer science, with the title "Spatially Adaptive Sparse Grids for High-Dimensional Problems".

Best Paper Award

Stefanie Schraufstetter has received together with André Borrmann and Ernst Rank the Best Paper Award 2009 of the ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering for the paper "Implementing Metric Operators of a Spatial Query Language for 3D Building Models: Octree and B-Rep approaches".

Simlab students

From July to December 2010 Botond Tyukodi, Cristina Corlaci, Petar Ristoski and Aliz-Eva Nagy, four students that hold a Simlab scholarship, are visiting our chair. The Simlab program offers students from Serbia, Macedonia and Rumania the possibility to spend three months at the TU München to gain experience in the field of simulation.

Best Student Presentation

Dheevatsa Mudigere, one of our 2009 graduates of the BGCE elite programme, received the "Best student paper award" at the International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2009) in Kochi, India, for his paper "Fast GPU data rearrangement kernels using CUDA". The paper is related to his master's thesis, a joint project of the GE labs in Bangalore and our chair.


Kristof Unterweger received the GI-Preis for his excellent dipoma thesis "CFD simulations of moving geometries using Cartesian grids".

Promotionspreis des Bundes der Freunde der TU München

In November 2009, Tobias Neckel received the award of the foundation "Bund der Freunde der TU München" in recognition of his outstanding PhD thesis.

Luise Prell Award

In July 2009, Philipp Neumann received the award of the Luise Prell foundation for his excellent scientific diploma thesis at Universität Erlangen.

Simlab students

From January to March 2009 Sebestyen-Pal Katalin, Istvan Haller and Marko Ljukovic, three students that hold a Simlab scholarship, are visiting our chair. The Simlab program offers students from Serbia, Macedonia and Rumania the possibility to spend three months at the TU München to gain experience in the field of simulation.

Best Student Talk Award

Auf der HDA09 erhielt Dirk Pflüger den Preis für den besten studentischen Vortrag.


Seit 1.1. 2009 arbeitet Dr. Christos Kravvaritis als Humboldt-Stipendiat an unserem Lehrstuhl. Dr. Kravvaritis kommt von der University of Athens und hat promoviert über Abschätzungen von Determinanten spezieller Matrixfamilien. Thema des Humboldt-Stipendiums ist die "Kompakte Fourier-Analyse für Mehrgitterverfahren".

Bavarian champion at our chair

Thomas Auckenthaler, the Bavarian champion in hurdle-race over 400m in the year 2008, has joined our chair to write his PhD thesis.

IGGSE goes Ferienakademie

The Ferienakademie 2008 in Sarntal hosted the first ever IGSSE summer academy course. 12 Ph.D. students from several IGSSE Research Training Projects participated in the course Computational Engineering - From Models to Software run by the organisers Martin Ruess (civil engineering @ TUM) and Michael Bader (SCCS).

Bund der Freunde-Stipendium

Herr Matous Sedlacek hat für ein Jahr ein Stipendium des "Bund der Freunde der TU München" erhalten für das Projekt "Sparse Approximate Inverses und Anwendungen". Er führt daher seit 1.9.2008 die Arbeit von Alexander Kallischko auf diesem Gebiet weiter.