Numerical Methods for Earthquake and Tsunami Simulation - Summer 15

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Summer 2015
Prof. Dr. Michael Bader, Alexander Breuer, Oliver Meister
Time and Place
Computational Science and Engineering (Seminar, module IN2183),
Informatics (Master-Seminar, module IN2107)
Semesterwochenstunden / ECTS Credits
2 SWS (2S) / 4 Credits


In this seminar we address numerical methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations. We discuss important examples of governing equations, with a special focus on the elastic wave equations (earthquakes) and shallow water equations (tsunamis). In this context challenges typical for hyperbolic PDEs are tackled: Non-linearities, Riemann solvers, dimensional splitting, high-order discretization, time stepping schemes, etc. Besides numerical theory a strong focus of the seminar is given by application and implementation of the learned concepts: all participants should demonstrate their presented methods and concepts via a small project, which requires extensive use of the learned theory.


  • preliminary session: 01/22/15, 2PM, 02.13.010
  • kick-off: 04/15/15, 1PM
  • big meetings, Wednesday 1PM
    • 05/13/15
    • 05/20/15
    • 06/10/15
    • 06/17/15
    • 06/24/15


  • Model equations and analytical solution
    • Earthquakes and Elastic Waves
    • Nonlinear Waves & Shallow Water Equations
  • Fluxes and Riemann-Solvers
    • Godunov / Roe Solvers
  • Towards a Full EQ/Tsunami Model
    • 2D/3D Equations
    • Source Terms / Well-balanced Schemes
    • Inundation
  • Advanced Numerical Methods
    • Local Time Stepping
    • Discontinuous Galerkin (Basics: Weak Forms, Basis Functions)
    • Discontinuous Galerkin (Applications: SWE, Earthquakes)
Topic Lecturer Presentation date Advisor
Linear Systems and elastic waves I. Shurmin 13.05.15 Alexander Breuer
Non-Linear Eqs. T. Neuhauser 13.05.15 Oliver Meister
Godunov/Roe solver - 20.05.15 Oliver Meister
Source Terms/Well Balanced F. Menhorn 10.06.16 Alexander Breuer
2D/3D Equations L. Cheung 10.06.14 Oliver Meister
Local Time Stepping J. Rodrigues 17.06.15 Oliver Meister
DG Num. Background S.-Y. Huang 17.06.15 Alexander Breuer
Backup date 24.06.15



Propagation of the Tohoku 2011 tsunami using 16 MPI ranks.

Laquila 500s.png

Earthquake simulation of the L'Aquila event (in collaboration with S. Wenk, LMU).