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Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering


Brief Description

The Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering is an association of the three Master programs: Computational Engineering (CE) at the Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Computational Mechanics (COME), and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), both at TUM. Funded by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, the Bavarian Graduate School offers an Honours program for gifted and highly motivated students. The Honours program extends the regular Master's programs by several academic offers:

  • additional courses in the area of computational engineering, in particular block courses, and summer academies.
  • Courses and seminars on "soft skills" - like communication skills, management, leadership, etc.
  • an additional semester project closely connected to current research

Students who master the regular program with an above-average grade, and successfully finish the Honours program, as well, earn the academic degree "Master of Science with Honours".