SC²S Colloquium - August 10, 2017

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Date: August 10, 2017
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 16:00 pm, s.t.

Simon Griebel: Optimizing Load Balancing of Heterogeneous Particle Simulations on Heterogeneous Systems

In this thesis improvements to the k-d-tree based load balancing algorithm of the molecular dynamics simulation framework ls1-MarDyn will be presented. Its central part, the load estimation function, was solely based on heuristics, so for this thesis it was replaced with a function that actually uses time measurements for the estimation. These measurements then made it easier to expand the algorithm, so that it would correctly work for more than one particle type and on heterogeneous systems. Additionally there was a look at how certain modifications to the splitting rules of the k-d-tree-nodes can influence performance.