SC²S Colloquium - Jan 10, 2018

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Date: Jan 10, 2018
Room: 00.08.053
Time: 15:00 - 15:45

Julian Spahl: GPU extensions for Autopas

This is a Master's thesis introduction talk advised by Steffen Seckler, Fabio Gratl, Alexander Pöppl.

Autopas should be extended to offer support for GPUs

Keywords: Autopas, GPU

Language: German

Simon Griebel: Implementation of the Dimension-Adaptive Combination Technique into a Parallel Framework

This is an IDP submission talk advised by Michael Obersteiner.

A way to discretize spatial dimensions of pde's, especially in higher dimensions, are equidistant full grids. This means that the needed number of grid points increases exponentially in the number of dimensions if the resolution is increased. Sparse grids try to solve this problem by choosing the grid points more intelligently. The problem is that most solvers today only support full grids. One way to deal with this, is the so called combination technique, where multiple full grid solutions are combined to approximate a sparse grid like solution. Since there are a lot of possible ways to choose the full grids taking part in the combination, it is only natural to look for a self adapting algorithm. The focus of this project was to implement such an adaptive algorithm in a framework that only supported the static combination technique and to test a new refining strategy on the plasma physics framework GENE.

Keywords: Sparse Grids, combination technique, plasma physics

Language: English