SC²S Colloquium - September 28, 2015

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Date: September 28, 2015
Room: 01.06.020
Time: 3:00 pm, s.t.

Konstantina Tsiamoura: Uncertainty Quantification in Tsunami Simulations

A Monte Carlo method is used for approximating shallow water equations with random bathymetry inputs. More specifically, the approach described in “Mishra et al. (2010) Multilevel Monte Carlo Finite Volume Methods For Shallow Water Equations With Uncertain Topography In Multi-Dimensions” is used for quantifying the uncertainty of tsunami simulation performed by the SWE code. Because of the slow convergence of Monte Carlo, a Multi-Level Monte Carlo algorihtm is also used, where samples are drawn simultaneously from a hierarchy of grid levels.

Nicolai Schaffroth: Simulation of rain-induced floods on high performance computers

To allow the simulation of rain-induced floods based on the shallow water equations, several additions and modifications were made to the SWE code base and the HLLE solver. The code, which was originally designed for tsunami modeling, was adapted for better precision at wet-dry interfaces and low water heights. The algorithms and data structures were updated to account for new parameters in the scenarios, including rainfall and friction.

Several test scenarios and comparisons with benchmark solutions demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of the HLLE solver implementation.