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| [http://www5.in.tum.de/lehre/praktika/scicomp/ws08/material/worksheet6.pdf Worksheet 6] || || February 2nd, 4 pm || February 3rd  
| [http://www5.in.tum.de/lehre/praktika/scicomp/ws08/material/worksheet6.pdf Worksheet 6] || || February 2nd, 4 pm || February 3rd  

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Winter 08
Dr. rer. nat. Miriam Mehl,
Bernhard Gatzhammer,
Martin Buchholz
Time and Place
Wednesday, 8:30-10:00, MI 02.07.023
Students of Computational Science and Engineering (Master, Module IN2182), compulsory course, first semester
no final exam
Semesterwochenstunden / ECTS Credits
6 SWS (6P) / 10 credits


Due to the delay of the presentations of worksheet 6, also the lecture on the results will be postponed to next week, Wednesday 11th, 9:30.


basics in linear algebra and differential calculus


The lab course gives an application oriented introduction to the following topics:

  • explicit and implicit time stepping methods for ordinary differential equations
  • numerical methods for stationary and instationary partial differential equations
  • solvers for large, sparse systems of linear equations
  • adaptivity and adaptively refined discretisation grids
  • applications from fluid dynamics and heat transfer


Lectures and Lecture Notes

date subjects
Introduction to Matlab



October 22nd Organisation
ODE -Explicit Discretisation
October 29th Efficiency and supervised project work
November 5th no lecture
November 12th ODEs - Implicit Discretisation
November 19th Newton solver and supervised project work
November 26th Stationary PDEs
December 3rd Boundary Conditions and supervised project work
December 10th Instationary PDEs
December 17th Time and Spatial Discretisation and supervised project work
January 7th Solvers for Large Sparse SLEs
January 14th Multigrid Example and supervised project work
January 21st Adaptive Grids
January 28th Outlook and supervised project work
February 11th Results Worksheet 6


due to: send your matlab-files per email to Yang Li (liya(at)in.tum.de), Dheevatsa Mudigere (mudigere(at)in.tum.de) and Kaveh Rahnema (rahnema(at)in.tum.de)

personal presentation: slots announced at room ...