Severin Reiz, M.Sc. (hons)

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Severin Reiz


TU München
Institut für Informatik
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
MI 02.05.058
PGP public key:
If you care about privacy PGP PUBLIC KEY
(089) 289 18 603
(089) 289 18 607
Office Hours:
by arrangement
Office severin.jpeg

Research Interests

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Reactive Flow Modelling
  • Parallel Computing
  • Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Hierarchical Matrices
  • Optimization methods in Neural Networks (using hierarchical approximations)


Open Student Projects

swiss roll

Topics change (frequently) with my ongoing work and depend mostly on the interests and experience of the student. It is best to contact me directly if you are interested in a thesis or student project.

Nevertheless here's a (possibly outdated) list of topics ideas (adjustable to Bachelor's or Master's thesis):

  • HODLR application case study: Can it be used in Machine Learning?
  • Numerical matrix inversion in HODLR format using Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury

Contact me via email if you are interested.


Winter 19

Summer 19

Winter 18

Summer 18

Winter 17


Other activities