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=== Finished Student Projects ===
=== Finished Student Projects ===
<pubsccs3 pubid=670479 advisor="Seckler"/>
== Teaching ==
== Teaching ==
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== Publications ==
== Publications ==
<pubsccs3 pubid=670479 person="Seckler" type="dt-konferenzbeitrag|dt-zeitschriftenaufsatz|dt-diss|dt-thesis" postfilter="type=dt-konferenzbeitrag ~ contribution-type=Textbeitrag / Aufsatz" />
== Talks ==
== Talks ==
<pubsccs3 pubid=670479 person="Seckler" type="dt-konferenzbeitrag|dt-nv-Vortrag" postfilter="type=dt-konferenzbeitrag ~ contribution-type=Vortrag / Präsentation"/>
== Posters ==
<pubsccs3 pubid=670479 person="Seckler" type="dt-poster|dt-konferenzbeitrag" postfilter="type=dt-konferenzbeitrag ~ contribution-type=Poster"/>

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Steffen Seckler


TU München
Institut für Informatik
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
MI 02.05.036
(089) 289 18 616
(089) 289 18 607
Office Hours:
by arrangement

Student Projects

Open Student Projects

Topics change (frequently) with my ongoing work and depend mostly on the interests and experience of the student. It is best to contact me directly if you are interested in a thesis or student project. Nevertheless, here is a (potentially outdated) list of topics:

  • Load Balancing 1
    • Flexible Partitioning Schemes -> Adaption to non-cubic partitions
    • Diffusive Load Balancing (HPC, Software Engineering) 1 2, 3
    • Advanced Heterogeneous Load Balancing for MD Simulations (HPC, Math) 1, 2, 3
    • Adaption of the Fast-Multipole-Method for KD-Trees (Math, Software Engineering)
    • Adaptive Communication Schemes Between Different Zonal Methods (Software Engineering, Load Balancing), Papers see below
  • Zonal Methods 1, 2, 3
    • Adaptive Communication Schemes Between Different Zonal Methods (Math, Software Engineering, Load Balancing)
  • GPU-Kernels for Molecular Dynamics (HPC, Cuda, OpenCL)
  • Parallel in Time Molecular Dynamics (HPC, Math) 1
  • Invasic Molecular Dynamics (HPC, MPI)

(Note: topics marked with "Math" can usually be used for an IDP.)

To get an idea of further possible topics, have a look at the running and finished projects below, as well as the following links: Molecular Dynamics Simulations, High-Performance Computing, Nikola Tchipev, M.Sc..

Running Student Projects

  • Jan Nguyen: Shared-Memory-Parallelization for Verlet-Lists

Finished Student Projects


FMM Short Workshop

These files have been used at the chair retreet 2017. It uses the pyfmm code published on http://pyfmm.googlecode.com/ under the MIT license. It has been modified for the 2-D charge potential. In the workshop the participants were required to add the translation operators.