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=== Completed Student Projects ===
=== Completed Student Projects ===
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=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===

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preCICE is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations developed at TUM and the University of Stuttgart. This includes, but is not restricted to fluid-structure interaction. The software offers methods for equation coupling, communication means, and data mapping schemes. Ready-to-use adapters for well known commercial and open-source solvers, including OpenFOAM, SU2, CalculiX, Ansys FLUENT, and COMSOL, are available. Adapters for in-house codes can be implemented and validated in only a few weeks. For more information, have a look at www.precice.org or check out the source code on GitHub.

There are always open projects, whether you are a computer science, CSE, MSE, or math student. Since recently, also projects with industrial partners are on the agenda. To get your project, please first follow the installation guide of preCICE and try the 1D-Tutorial. Then, simply contact us sending your transcript of records and your CV.

We are currently looking for a student working on FSI with helicopters. This would be suited for an IDP or a CSE master thesis.

Completed Student Projects