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Student Projects with preCICE

preCICE is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations developed at TUM and the University of Stuttgart. This includes, but is not restricted to fluid-structure interaction. The software offers methods for equation coupling, communication means, and data mapping schemes. Ready-to-use adapters for well known commercial and open-source solvers, including OpenFOAM, SU2, CalculiX, Ansys FLUENT, and COMSOL, are available. Adapters for in-house codes can be implemented and validated in only a few weeks. For more information, have a look at or check out the source code on github.

There are always open projects, whether your a computer science, a CSE, an MSE, or a math student. Since recently, also projects with industrial partners are on the agenda. To get your project, please first follow the installation guide of preCICE and try the 1D-Tutorial. Then, simply contact me sending your transcript of records and your CV.

Completed Topics

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