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| Ludwig Peuckert
| Ludwig Peuckert
| Bachelor's thesis
| Ursula Rieger
| Bachelor's thesis
| Bachelor's thesis

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The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Function
Matthias Baur Bachelor's thesis
Evangelos Drossos Master's thesis
Manuel Fasching Master's thesis
Alexander Gillert Bachelor's thesis
Thomas Hain Bachelor's thesis
Julia Hoffmann Bachelor's thesis
Sebastian Kreisel Bachelor's thesis
Michael Lettrich IDP
Afshin Loni Master's thesis
Maier, Johann Master's thesis
Felix Müller IDP
Duc Dat Nguyen Bachelor's thesis
Ludwig Peuckert Bachelor's thesis
Alexander Rusch Bachelor's thesis
Fabian Stark IDP
Igor Shurmin Master's thesis
Lukas Krenz Bachelor's thesis
Michael Zellner Guided research

Student Assistants

Anger, Marius
Costinas, Iona-Dumitrita
Costinescu, Andrei
Fomin, Daniel
Lettrich, Michael
Otti, Florian
Rannabauer, Leonard
Rusch, Alexander
Sontakke, Vishal
Statev, Galin