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The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Function
Karthikeya Sampa Subbarao IDP, Guided Research
Evangelos Drossos Guided Research
Markus Auer Master's thesis (Linde AG)
Ionut Farcas Master's thesis
Alexander Gillert Bachelor's thesis
Pablo Gómez IDP, Master's thesis
Thomas Hörmann Master's thesis
Johannes Klicpera Bachelor's thesis
Danila Klimenko IDP
Agnes Köhler Master's thesis
Ravikishore Kommajosyula Master's thesis
Viacheslav Mikerov Master's thesis
Jaclyn Rodrigues Monteiro Bachelor's thesis
Nicolai Schaffroth IDP
Mohamed Sharaf-El-Deen IDP
Alexander Shukaev Master's thesis
Denys Sobchyshak Master's thesis
Felix Späth Bachelor's thesis
David Strätling Bachelor's thesis
Konstantina Tsiamoura IDP
Sergey Zakharov Master's thesis

Student Assistants

Andreev, Martin
Ehmann, Uwe
Ganus, Oleksandra
Knapp, Nathaniel
Menhorn, Friedrich
Rodrigues Monteiro, Jaclyn
Saleem, Ayman
Spiegelberg, Leonard
Wannerberg, Erik
Valizadeh, Mahyar