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The following table contains all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Name Function
Atanas Atanasov SEP project
Thomas Auckenthaler Diploma thesis
Janos Benk Student assistant
Jörg Blank IDP
Constantin Bohn SEP
Daniel Butnaru Student assistant
Bernhard Gatzhammer Student assistant/Master's Thesis
Alexander Heinecke Guided Research Project
Peter Hoffmann Bachelor's thesis
Johannes Hölzl IDP
Mohamed Ibrahim Master's Thesis
Lennart Johansson Diploma thesis
Tobias Köppl SiROP project
Axel Landschoof SEP
Michael Lieb Master's thesis
Cornelia Loster Diploma thesis
Thomas Osterman Diploma thesis
Markus Ostertag SEP
Deepak Pandey Master's thesis
Benjamin Peherstorfer Bachelor's thesis
Kaveh Rahnema Student assistant
Richard Röttger IDP
Marcin Salaterski Master's thesis
Robert Santl Diploma thesis
Johannes Schwaiger Diploma Thesis
Maximilian Steff Diploma thesis
Benjamin Uekermann Programming project
Markus Wunsch Diploma thesis
Evgeniy Zharovsky Diploma Thesis