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The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Project Title
Sebastian Burreiner Master's thesis Comparison of classic and task-based scheduling for the local time-stepping in SeisSol using OpenMP
Michael Grad Bachelor's thesis Challenger in Developing Software for Autonomous Driving
Vivian Haller Bachelor's thesis Evaluation of dimensionwise Error Estimates using the Spatially Adaptive Combination Technique
Christoph Honal Bachelor's thesis Efficient I/O Strategies for Checkpointing and Visualization in sam(oa)²
Lukas Krenz Master's thesis Cloud Simulation with the ExaHyPE-Engine
Jan Nguyen Bachelor's thesis Shared-Memory-Parallelization of Verlet-Lists
Ayman Noureldin Master's thesis A Master-Slave Approach for Multi-Phase Fluid-Fluid Coupling of OpenFOAM and ATHLET
Kislaya Ravi Master's thesis Neural Network Hyperparametr Optimisation using snowpac
Nico Flavio Rösel Bachelor's thesis Combigrid-based block adaptivitiy for sparse grids density estimation and classification
Sascha Sauermann IDP Performance Modelling for Auto-Tuning of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Lukas Schmidt Study of a Hierarchical Data Type for COMET, an HPC Programming Model Based on Components and Tasks
Jan Schopohl Bachelor's thesis Domain Parallelization of SGDE based Classification
Frank Schraufstetter   Bachelor's thesis   Towards quantifiying uncertainty of the water balance model LARSIM
Jamal Sohail Bachelor's thesis Embedding SGDE image classification on mobile devices
Julian Spahl Master's thesis Extending AutoPas to GPUs
Dominik Volland Master's thesis Parallel Coupling for TherMoS with preCICE
Klaus Weidinger Bachelor's thesis Evaluation of coupling data mapping schemes in preCciCE for non-matching finite element mestres
Michael Zwirglmaier Master's thesis Performance Analyses and Optimization of a Depth-From-Focus based 3D Camera System for Hardware Accelarators

Student Assistants

Angerer, Tina
Fomin, Daniel
Gärtner, Ludwig
Khanduja, Saurabh
Kreisel, Sebastian
Krenz, Lukas
Krügener, Moritz
Mot, Tudor-Andrei
Sashko, Dmytro
Schneider, David
Sprinz, Jan