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The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Project Title
Arbab Akhtar Master's thesis Quantifying uncertainty in the bottom topography of the shallow water equations with DG methods
Vincent Bennet Bautista Anguiano   Visualization of high dimensional Models within the SG++ Data Mining Pipeline
Noémie Ehstand Master's thesis Numerical continuation of fractional reaction-diffusion systems in pde2path
Jakob Englhauser Bachelor's thesis Application and Evaluation of Auto-Tuning Tools in Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Tianyi Ge Guided Research Python Software Suit of Algorithmic Solver for the Approximate Hierarchiat Factorisation of symmetric positive definite (spd) matrices
Twain Henkel Bachelor's thesis Search Space Analysis for the Algorothm Selection Problem in AutoPas
Rafael Hefele Bachelor's thesis Dimension adaptive efficient global optimization for expensive black box problems
Qunsheng Huang Master's thesis Helicopter Fluid-Structure Coupling using preCICE
Ayman Noureldin Master's thesis A Master-Slave Approach for Multi-Phase Fluid-Fluid Coupling of OpenFOAM and ATHLET
Vladimir Poliakov Master's thesis Inferring 3D Human Pose in Real-Time on Consumer Smartphones: A Lightweight Neural Approach
Sascha Sauermann Master's thesis Integration of the C++ Node-Level AutoTuning Library AutoPas in the Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS)
Lukas Schmidt Study of a Hierarchical Data Type for COMET, an HPC Programming Model Based on Components and Tasks
Moritz Spielvogel Master's thesis Active Learning using Uncertainty Quantification
Klaus Weidinger Bachelor's thesis Evaluation of coupling data mapping schemes in preCICE for non-matching finite element mestres

Student Assistants

Angerer, Tina
Anger, Marius
Bogusz, Martin
Carrillo, Gilberto Javier Lem
Desai, Ishaan
Eder, Konrad
Gaddameedi, Keerthi
Hertrich, Richard
Huang, Qunsheng
Krügener, Moritz
Rotaru, Teodor
Schneider, David
Takken, Michel