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Next Semester: Winter 20

Current Semester: Summer 20

Regardless of the COVID-19 we need you to sign in at the TUMonline lectures for the summersemester. Please have a look at our offer.

Detailed content and material of the following courses is contained in moodle pages. Note that you may login as a guest in moodle (blue rectangle at the bottom of the moodle login page) to access some of the content.




  • Master-Praktikum: Scientific Computing - Computational Fluid Dynamics TUMonlineMoodle
  • Master-Praktikum: Machine Learning in Crowd Modeling & Simulation TUMonline Moodle
  • Master-Praktikum: Modern Wave Propagation - Discontinuous Galerkin & Julia TUMonline Moodle
  • Bachelor-Praktikum: 3D Game Physics TUMonlineMoodle


Theses and Projects

You want to do a student project (Bachelor's or Master's thesis, IDP, Guided Research etc.) at SCCS? See our page with topics for Student Projects.

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