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Hello, I am the Sysop of this Wiki and this is my page.

Creating a navtree

  • First, in the Mediawiki:Sidebar Page, prefix the name (not the url) of the page you want to be inflatable with a "+" (i.e. ** news|+News).
  • Second, place all pages for which this item should be inflated in the matching category, by putting [[Category:<catname>]] (i.e. [[Category:news]] at the end of the page.
  • Third, edit Mediawiki:Nav_<catname> (i.e. Mediawiki:Nav_News), so that the system knows, which items should be listed.

Adding Pictures

Staff Members

Pictures of Staff Members should be 144x200 Pixels and JPEG.

File Icons

File Icons should be 24x24 Pixels and JPEG.



  • Just edit the Mediawiki:Comingup Page.
  • Do not remove the first line of this Page! You don't have to know why and if you don't know the reason, you won't get any ideas, so I won't tell you.


If you want the ComingUp Box to be displayed on your page, just add [[Category:ShowComingUp]] to it.



Easy Way

Just click the Create new lecture link below the Edit this page link on the quickbar. Don't forget to replace all /* TODO */ markers with their proper values and give the lecture the proper name. If you want your lecture to be listed (and probably linked) on the Lectures page, you will have to do that manually.

Direct way

People creating a site for a lecture should use the {{Lecture}} Template. Usage is very simple:

| term = Summer/Winter and a year would be nice for this field
| lecturer = Your Name
| timeplace = The coordinates of your lecture in Minkovski space
| credits = ECTS Credits given for this lecture
| audience = The people you would like to see
| tutorials = The coordinates of the tutorials to your lecture in Minkovski space
Any further description may be added after the template.