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Numerical Simulation

The mathematical calculation of technical processes in advance, the so-called numerical simulation, has gained an immense significance for numerous key areas of modern industry, such as automobile and aerospace industry, electronic, or chemical industry. Today, it is possible to understand and master entire technical processes before going into production by means of numerical simulation on the computer. In semi-conductor technology, for example, progress in industrial research and production is no longer conceivable without such techniques of numerical simulation. In the aviation industry, a wing simulation on the computer takes the place of testing in the wind tunnel. Expensive set-ups for testing can be avoided, and valuable raw materials can be saved. In addition, expensive equipment is spared, and the environment is much less polluted.

For the execution of simulations on modern high performance computers, specifically parallel computers, more efficient and sophisticated methods of mathematics and computer science are essential. This is where FORTWIHR comes in. Its aim is to examine and develop mathematical methods for computers in view of their application on high performance parallel computers.

Period II (1995-1998)

Period III (1998-2000)


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