ASCoDT - Releases
ASCoDT - Releases
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ASCoDT - Advanced Scientific Computing Development Toolkit


If you use any part of the software or any resource of this webpage, you implicitly accept the copyright (see section Releases to the right and the copyright page therein).

ASCoDT is open source software, it is based on Eclipse, and its license is available on the Copyright page to your left. We recommend to install ASCoDT from Eclipse's udpate menu - it is available at . However, you can also install it manually or download the source code and build your own Eclipse plugin. For developers, we also could provide access to our SVN repository.

If you encounter any general problems with the download, feel free to contact either Dr. Tobias Weinzierl or Atanas Atanasov. However, we do not commit to give support.

Citing ASCoDT
If you cite ASCoDT, we appreciate if you use
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Advanced Scientific Code Development Tools

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