International Advanced Study Institute, Antalya (Turkey)


Error Control and Adaptivity in Scientific Computing

from August 9 to August 21, 1998

An Advanced Study Institute of the NATO Science Committee
and the Research Center of Applied Mathematics, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey
and the Institut für Informatik, Technische Universität München, Germany.

Directors: H. Bulgak, Chr. Zenger
Secretary: V. Ganzha

The ASI Antalya is a two week course for young mathematicians, engineers and natural scientists working in the field of numerical simulation. The course aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge and the promotion of international contacts among scientists. The time and location of the ASI have been chosen to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which scientists can meet and interact successfully, hence maximizing the effective use of NATO funds.

The numerical simulation of complicated technical or natural processes has become one of the main sources of qualitative and quantitative understanding of these processes besides observation and experiments. Many situations (e.g. in astronomy) cannot be investigated by experiments, and we often cannot observe all details of interest in an experiment (e.g. the distribution of velocities in space and time of a turbulent flow). In all these cases we cannot judge by experiments or by observation, whether the numerical results are correct, or how large the error may be. In other cases, it may be too expensive to validate the numerical results by experiments. Therefore, it is important to have techniques yielding exact bounds or at least estimates for the error of the computations. The estimation of errors is studied in different fields of numerical mathematics under various aspects. The investigation of the influence of computer arithmetic on computations (propagation of rounding errors, interval arithmetic, backward and forward analysis), error estimation for stepsize control (ordinary differential equations), and adaptive grid generation are important fields where methods and tools for the investigation of errors were developed. These and other fields should be brought together to develop a culture where numerical results are always accompanied by error bounds or error estimates.

The ASI Antalya will be accommodated in double rooms of Hotel Süral Saray (*****), Manavgat-Antalya.
It is located on the beach at about 55 km from airport. The rooms are equipped with all comfort (air condition, TV, telephone, ...) Limited funds from the NATO Science Committee and from other sources will be available.


Partial Differential Equations

Linear Algebra and Nonlinear Algebra

Ordinary Differential Equations

Computer Arithmetic and Rounding Errors

Adaptive Grid Design

Invited lectures:

Götz Alefeld:Computing the Range of Real Functions
Alexander Blokhin:A New Concept of Construction of Adaptive Calculation Models for Hyperbolic Problems
Claude Brezinski:Numerical Linear Algebra, Convergence Acceleration Methods
Haydar Bulgak: Pseudoeigenvalues, Spectral Portrait of the Matrices and Their Connection with Different Criteria of Stability
Paul Van Dooren:Generalized Eigenvalue Problems and Applications in Systems and Control
Bulen Karasoezen:Variable Time Step Symplectic and Reversible Integrators
Alfio Quarteroni:Adaptive Domain Decomposition and Multifield Methods
Rolf Rannacher:Error Control in Finite Element Computations
Siegfried Rump:Validated Error Bounds for Sparse Systems of Equations
Stanly Steinberg:Using Problem Solving Environments to Produce Accurate Modeling Programs and Finite Volume Methods that Compensate for Bad Grids
Olof Widlund:Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Christoph Zenger:Error Control for Adaptive Sparse Grids

Time Table

The current version of the time table containing the lectures and all other events is available as compressed PostScript version.

List of Participants

Deadline for Application: March 25, 1998.

Every person who is admitted to attend the ASI Antalya as participant has to pay DM 1.120,- for the living expenses and DM 860,- for the participation fee. An invoice to the respective amount will be sent to all participants together with a letter of acceptance. Payment of the invoice is due in advance and must be remitted to our bank account by June 30, 1998 at the very latest.

Limited funds will be available. If a support for travel expenses is granted, the amount will be reimbursed to the participant during the ASI Antalya by a US$-cheque.

Applications without a Letter of Recommendation cannot be taken into consideration.

Use electronic application forms for attendance and grant.

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The directors and the organizing commitee of the summer school do not assume any responsibility or any liability for persons participating in the meeting.

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