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Carsten Uphoff, M.Sc.

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Boltzmannstr. 1
(089) 35831-7816
(089) 289 18 607



  • C. Uphoff und L. Rannabauer: Practical aspects of earthquake tsunami coupling using SeisSol and sam(oa)^2 [BibTeX].
    2nd ASCETE Workshop: Workshop on Coupling Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Berghotel Sudelfeld, Februar 2018.
  • C. Uphoff: Large-Scale Dynamic Rupture Simulations on Intel Knights Landing (KNL) [BibTeX].
    Intel Parallel Computing Center at LRZ/TUM: Extreme Scaling on Intel Xeon Phi Supercomputers, Garching, Juni 2017.
  • C. Uphoff: SeisSol on KNL [BibTeX].
    IXPUG Annual Spring Conference 2017, Cambridge, April 2017.
  • C. Uphoff: Large-Scale Dynamic Rupture Simulations with SeisSol on KNL Platforms [BibTeX].
    SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Atlanta, Februar 2017.
  • C. Uphoff: Generating High Performance Matrix Kernels for Earthquake Simulations with Viscoelastic Attenuation [BibTeX].
    The 2016 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, Innsbruck, Juli 2016.
  • C. Uphoff: Code Generation for SeisSol @ Xeon Phi [BibTeX].
    IXPUG/RU, St. Petersburg, Juni 2016.
  • C. Uphoff: Kernel Optimization for High-Order Dynamic Rupture Simulation - Flexibility Vs. Performance [BibTeX].
    SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Cordeliers Campus, Paris, April 2016.
  • C. Uphoff: HPC-aware model extensions in SeisSol: attenuation, finite faults, plasticity [BibTeX].
    SeisMIC - Seismic Simulation on Current and Future Supercomputers, IT4Innovations, Ostrava, Februar 2016.