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The SC²S Colloquium is a forum giving students, guests, and members of the chair the opportunity to present their research insights, results, and challenges. The colloquium takes place on Wednesdays at 3 pm, in room 02.07.023. Guests are always welcome!

To register and schedule a talk, you should fill the form Colloquium Registration at least one week before the desired date. In special cases contact

Students doing their Master's and diploma thesis etc. at the chair are supposed to give two talks:

  • The first presents the topic, the status quo, and the research plan. This should be placed early (first month of the work), such that colleagues can comment and give adequate feedback. It also helps students to structure their coming work. (10 minutes, + 5 minutes questions)
  • The second talk presents the thesis' results and insights. We plan 20 minutes with 5 up to 10 minutes discussions afterwards.

We're looking forward to your participation at the SC²S Colloquium! Colloquium calendar

Summer Term 2018

May 2 Tim Bierth Erweiterung und Evaluation von Zonalen Methoden in ls1 mardyn 15:30 02.07.023 Steffen Seckler, Nikola Tchipev
Apr 26 Martin Schreiber Massively parallel rational approximation of time integrations with Cauchy contour integral methods for Weather and Climate simulations 15:00 01.11.018 Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Michael Bader
Apr 25 Eric Koepke Optimizing Hyperparameters in the SG++ Datamining Pipeline 15:00 02.07.023 Kilian Röhner, Paul Cristian Sarbu
Apr 25 Benjamin Holzschuh Asset Pricing with Hierarchical Clustering using Sparse Grids Density Estimation 15:30 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu

Winter Term 2017/2018

March 28 Florian Schnagl Analysis of the SRT Division Algorithm 15:00 00.13.008 Thomas Huckle
March 23 Martin Molzer Implementation of a Parallel Sparse Grid Combination Technique 15:00 00.13.008 Michael Obersteiner
March 23 Congyu Zou Commonality optimization 15:30 00.13.008 Friedrich Menhorn, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Bungartz
March 23 Peter Wauligmann Parallel construction of unstructured mesh data structures using OpenMP and MPI 15:45 00.13.008 Carsten Uphoff
March 12 BGCE @ CSE'17 BGCE Honours project 2017/18: run.precice - Running coupled simulations with preCICE in the browser 17:00 MI HS2 Friedrich Menhorn
February 23 Nathan Brei Generating small sparse matrix multiplication kernels for Knights Landing 15:00 02.07.023 Carsten Uphoff
February 21 Piet Jarmatz Parallel Noise Reduction for Transient Molecular-Continuum Coupled Flow Simulations 14:00 02.07.023 Philipp Neumann
February 9 Lisa Scheller Finite volume and discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations 15:00 02.07.023 Leonhard Rannabauer
February 2 Daniel Lehmberg Estimating Potential Power Supply of an Offshore Wind Farm using Machine Learning 15:00 01.11.018 Kilian Röhner
January 29 Christopher Vogl Investigation of Additive Runge-Kutta Methods for Atmospheric Dynamics in Earth System Models 17:00 02.07.023 Michael Bader
January 19 James W. Browne Variational Inference for Unsupervised Reverse Engineering of Protocols from Bitstreams 15:00 02.07.023 Moritz August
December 15 Michael Zellner Evaluierung von Fahrerverhaltensmodellen mittels geeignetem Fahrzeugmodell in einem bestehenden Simulationsrahmenprogramm. 15:30 02.07.023 Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Uekermann
December 15 Frederic Gillioz Optimierung eines abstrakten geometrischen Modells für Spritzgießwerkzeuge 15:00 02.07.023 Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Uekermann
December 01 Fabio Gratl Task Based Parallelization of the Fast Multipole Method implementation of ls1-mardyn via QuickSched 15:00 02.07.023 Nikola Tchipev
November 9 Gerasimos Chourdakis A general OpenFOAM adapter for the coupling library preCICE 16:00 02.07.023 Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Uekermann
November 3 Markus Fabry Hierarchical Clustering of Trajectories with Sparse Grid Regression 15:00 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu
November 2 Sebastian Roßner Creating a Binary labeled Event Log for Process Mining using Semi-Supervised Log Pattern Detection and Exploration 16:00 00.12.019 Paul Cristian Sarbu,Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Bader
October 27 Ingo Mayer Analysis of sparse-grids-based financial time series prediction 15:30 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu
October 27 Jonas Bürger A Monte Carlo approach for clustering uncertain data using sparse grids density estimation 15:00 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu
October 26 Tim Waegemans Image Classification with Geometrically Aware Sparse Grids 15:00 00.08.053 Kilian Röhner
October 20 Michael Zintl Rekonstruktion von Flugzuständen aus ADS-B-Daten 15:30 02.07.023 Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Uekermann
October 20 Sascha Sauermann Implementation and Optimization of the Midpoint Method in ls1-mardyn 15:00 02.07.023 Steffen Seckler
October 12 Nikita Basargin Interactive Simulation of Floods Using the SPH Method 16:30 02.07.023 Roland Wittmann
October 12 Christoph Hartlmüller Optimization of procurement of materials and buying processes with regard to material requirements and warehouse stock 16:00 02.07.023 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Bader,Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Huckle
October 05 Irving Cabrera The Use of Boosting Methods for Mineral Prospectivity Mapping within the ArcGIS Platform 17:00 02.07.023 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Huckle
October 05 Vincent Bode Parallelization of a Sparse Grids Batch Classifier 17:00 02.07.023 Kilian Röhner, Paul Cristian Sarbu

Old Colloquia

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