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The SC²S Colloquium is a forum giving students, guests, and members of the chair the opportunity to present their research insights, results, and challenges. The colloquium takes place on Thursdays at 3 pm, in room 02.07.023. Guests are always welcome!

To register and schedule a talk, you should fill the form Colloquium Registration at least one week before the desired date. In special cases contact

Students doing their Master's and diploma thesis etc. at the chair are supposed to give two talks:

  • The first presents the topic, the status quo, and the research plan. This should be placed early (first month of the work), such that colleagues can comment and give adequate feedback. It also helps students to structure their coming work. (10 minutes, + 5 minutes questions)
  • The second talk presents the thesis' results and insights. We plan 20 minutes with 5 up to 10 minutes discussions afterwards.

We're looking forward to your participation at the SC²S Colloquium! Colloquium calendar

Winter Term 2018/19

Oct 18 Lukas Krenz Cloud Simulation with the ExaHyPE-Engine 15:00 00.08.053 Leonhard Rannabauer
Oct 18 Andreas Reiser Extending a CFD Lab Course by a preCICE Conjugate Heat Transfer Tutorial 15:15 00.08.053 Benjamin Uekermann
Oct 11 Tobias Bernecker Outlier Detection Techniques using Sparse Grids Density Estimation 15:00 00.08.053 Paul Sarbu
Oct 11 Philipp Zetterer Investigation of Cluster Analysis Algorithms Using Radio Measurement Data of Public Mobile Networks 15:30 00.08.053 Michael Obersteiner, Paul Sarbu

Summer Term 2018

Sep 26 Noah Lee Node-level performance optimization of the ADER-DG method for the simulation of tsunamis 15:00 02.07.023 Leonhard Rannabauer
Sep 19 Yehor Yudin Artificial Neural Network Approach to Design Optimization 15:00 02.07.023 Stefan Gavranovic, Siemens CT
Sep 19 Thomas Bellebaum Evaluation of different time-synchronization methods for the combination technique 15:30 02.07.023 Michael Obersteiner
Sep 12 Piet Jarmatz Parallel Noise Reduction for Transient Molecular-Continuum Coupled Flow Simulations 15:00 02.07.023 Philipp Neumann
Sep 12 Frederic Gillioz Numerische Optimierung von Hinterschneidungen im Formenbau 15:30 02.07.023 Benjamin Uekermann
Aug 29 Julian Hohenadel Development of an augmented reality sand-box for the demonstration of tsunami modeling 15:00 02.07.023 Leonhard Rannabauer, Carsten Uphoff
Aug 22 Michael Zwirglmaier Performance Analysis and Optimization of an Depth-from-Focus based 3D camera system for hardware accelerators 15:00 02.07.023 Alexander Pöppl
Aug 22 Lukas Schmidt Study of a Hierarchical Data Type for COMET, an HPC Programming Model Based on Components and Tasks 15:15 02.07.023 Michael Bader
Aug 16 Dominik Fuchsgruber Integration of the SGDE-based Classification into the SG Datamining Pipeline 15:00 02.07.023 Kilian Röhner
Aug 16 Daniel Langer Efficient Verlet List Implementation on KNL Processors 15:30 02.07.023 Steffen Seckler
Aug 8 Markus Müller Parallel Solving and Preconditioning of Bidiagonal Matrices 15:00 02.07.023 Thomas Huckle
Aug 8 Stefan Haas Simulation of the shallow water equations in the ExaHyPE-Engine with ADER-DG methods and dynamic adaptive mesh refinement 15:30 02.07.023 Michael Bader
July 20 Ravikishore Kommajosyula Mechanistic modeling in multiphase CFD applications 12:30 00.08.038 Hans-Joachim Bungartz
July 18 Judith Treffler A Kakuro Explainer 15:00 02.07.023 Hans-Joachim Bungartz
July 18 Congyu Zou Using genetic algorithm and tree search to solve commonality optimization in field of car crashworthness 15:00 02.07.023 Friedrich Menhorn
July 11 Benjamin Rüth Conference Preview: High-Order Time Stepping in Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction with Black-Box Solvers 15:00 02.07.023 preview of wccm18 talk
July 4 Andreas Reiser Extending a CFD Lab Course by a preCICE Conjugate Heat Transfer Tutorial 15:00 02.07.023 Benjamin Uekermann
July 4 Michael Lettrich Design of a Throughput Oriented Network Transport Layer Based on MPI for the Data Acquisition System of the CMS Detector at CERN 15:15 02.07.023 Steffen Seckler
June 20 Philipp Zetterer Comparison of Different Cluster Analysis Algorithms Using Radio Measurement Data of Public Mobile Networks 15:00 02.07.023 Michael Obersteiner, Paul Cristian Sarbu
June 20 Shreyas Shenoy Towards Non-blocking Combination Schemes in the Sparse Grid Combination 15:15 02.07.023 Michael Obersteiner
June 20 Stefan Armbruster Tensormethoden für Video-Kompression 15:30 02.07.023 Thomas Huckle
May 30 Felix Späth Optimizing communication strategies for a massively parallel multi-phase multi-resolution framework 15:00 02.07.023 Michael Bader
May 30 David Damerow Coupling general purpose PDE solvers with a Combination Technique Framework 15:30 02.07.023 Michael Obersteiner
May 23 Gerasimos Chourdakis, M.Sc. preCICE: lessons learned 15:00 02.07.023 Preview of pdesoft18 satellite workshop talk
May 23 Noah Lee Node-level performance optimization of the ADER-DG method for the simulation of tsunamis 15:30 02.07.023 Leonhard Rannabauer
May 16 Sebastian Roßner Creating a Binary labeled Event Log for Process Mining using Semi-Supervised Log Pattern Detection and Exploration 15:00 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu, Michael Bader
May 2 Alexandre Trujillo Boqué Structural multi-model coupling with CalculiX and preCICE 15:15 02.07.023 Benjamin Uekermann
May 2 Tim Bierth Erweiterung und Evaluation von Zonalen Methoden in ls1 mardyn 15:30 02.07.023 Steffen Seckler, Nikola Tchipev
Apr 26 Martin Schreiber Massively parallel rational approximation of time integrations with Cauchy contour integral methods for Weather and Climate simulations 15:00 01.11.018 Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Michael Bader
Apr 25 Eric Koepke Optimizing Hyperparameters in the SG++ Datamining Pipeline 15:00 02.07.023 Kilian Röhner, Paul Cristian Sarbu
Apr 25 Benjamin Holzschuh Asset Pricing with Hierarchical Clustering using Sparse Grids Density Estimation 15:30 02.07.023 Paul Cristian Sarbu

Past Colloquia

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