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The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Project Title
Thomas Bellebaum Bachelor's thesis Evaluation of different time-synchronization schemes for the combination technique
Tobias Bernecker Bachelor's thesis Outlier detection techniques using sparse grids density estimation
Dominik Fuchsgruber   Bachelor's thesis   Integration of SGDE-based Classification in to the SG++ Datamining Pipeline
Frédéric Gillioz Master's thesis Optimisation of an abstract geometric model for injection molding tools
Stefan Haas Bachelor's thesis Simulation of tsunami events in the ExaHyPE-Engine with ADER-DG methods and dynamic AMR
Piet Jarmatz Master's thesis Parallel Noise Reduction for Transient Molecular-Continuum Coupled Flow Simulations
Daniel Langer Bachelor's thesis Efficient Verlet-List Implementation for KNL Processors
Noah Lee Master's thesis Node-Level performance optimization of the APER-DG-method for the simulation of tsunamis
Michael Lettrich Master's thesis Evaluation of High Performance Fabrics for Event Building at the CERN CMS Experiment using MPI
Hendrik Möller Bachelor's thesis Dimension-wise Spatial-adaptive Refinement with the Sparse Grid Combination Technique
Jurek Olden Bachelor's thesis Performance Analysis of SWE Implementations based on modern parallel Runtime Systems
Andreas Reiser Master's thesis Extending a CFD Lab Course by a preCICE Conjugate Heat Transfer Turorial
Shreyas Shenoy Master's thesis Towards Non-blocking Combination Schemes in the Sparse Grid. Conbination Technique.
Judith Treffler Bachelor's thesis The main goal of this project is to develop a tool which helps the user solve a Kakuro puzzle
Philipp Zetterer Master's thesis Comparison of Different Cluster Analysis Algorithms Using Radio Measurement Data of Public Mobile Networks
Michael Zwirglmaier Master's thesis Performance Analyses and Optimization of a Depth-From-Focus based 3D Camera System for Hardware Accelarators

Student Assistants

Anger, Marius
Angerer, Tina
Fomin, Daniel
Gärtner, Ludwig
Khanduja, Saurabh
Kreisel, Sebastian
Krenz, Lukas
Krügener, Moritz
Mot, Tudor-Andrei
Sashko, Dmytro
Sprinz, Jan